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The Hugghiguyughiyuguhi, or more commonly known as the "Long Name Verse" is a very big verse located within our local Omniverse. It is home to an extremely advanced and prosperous civilization.

A depiction of a Hugghiguyughiyuguhian

The Life

The life in this verse are extremely advanced. They have a really efficient and well-made economy, and their technology is one of the best in the entire Omniverse. The life somewhat resembles a regular human; however their brains are much bigger, and they have longer limbs. One of their biggest trading partners are the Coolversians, the life of the Coolverse.


Some of the most advanced technology in the entire Omniverse was invented here. They range from machines that can change entire dimensions, spacecraft with built-in wormholes, and much more. Not all of the technology was beneficial, though.

The Wormhole Ships/Existence Rank Ships

The Class-10 Hyperdrive D26 Spacecraft, or the Wormhole Ships, are a type of spacecraft with a built-in negative mass generator that can create wormholes. The negative mass generator uses many small, dimensional portals littered inside the generator to power itself and create them. The wormhole always appears in front of the ship, and a special sort of system can let you go where you want. All you need to do is to think of where you want to go, and the wormhole will change its "coordinates" to change where it will lead you to. However, this technology is extremely expensive, and only a few hundred ships like this have been made.

Existence Rank ships are some of the fastest in the entire Box. They involve switching Existence Ranks extremely fast to propel it to impossible speeds, such as literally traveling faster than instantaneously. Existence Rank Ships have been used a lot for stealth missions, due to how things each with different Existence Ranks cannot interact with each other. This allows Existence Rank Ships to stay completely undetected from enemy forces.

The Dimension-Changers

These machines, like the name implies, changes the dimensions of surrounding objects in a 1000 LY radius. You can set what dimensions it will change to, and it allows for a very fast way of travel, but it can mess up many creatures' minds, driving them insane. I see no reason why you would want to do that, but it's your choice.

The "Verse Corrupter"

It's just a gun. A huge one, to be fair. And it uses Glitchonicite and some Toxicium. Basically, the "Verse Corrupter" fires a huge, extremely high velocity stream of Glitchonicite/Toxicium at a verse chosen by the operator, and it corrupts the verse, while also eating the very structure of it up. This weapon was used in a few wars, and many verses were completely destroyed. The weapon later got banned, since it was very dangerous and could cause devastating effects. Only a few remaining copies exist in a few interversal museums around the Omniverse.

The Hughayiughi

The Hughayiughi" are a series of prism-like objects which can reflect light or sound in all sorts of different ways. They are used as entertainment for many Hugghiguyughiyughians, and are also used by the military to confuse enemy forces. Hughayiughi come in many different shapes, although they are mainly shaped like a pseudo-tetrahedron as to maximize its potential.


The Hugghiguyughiyuguhi have funded and invested in many huge projects, such as Avta, a company dedicated to creating weapons for military use. DeltaTech was also partially funded and created by The Hugghiguyughiyuguhi, and is still being run by the government to this day.

There are many more inventions, but there are too many to list.


"Hugghiguyughiyuguhi" written in Hughuhi

The Hugghiguyughiyuguhians have developed their own script, known as Hughuhi. Each idea or concept is represented with a single character, and partially resembles featural or logographic scripts. No other

civilization has adopted this script, and today, The Hugghiguyughiyuguhi is the only civilization to use this language.


A piece of example text, translates to "you are a good person"

Other than the technology, the 'Long Name Verse' also has many superstructures with mostly unknown purposes. Here are a few of them.


Higyu written in Hughuhi

Hiigyu is a huge structure enveloping a few entire galaxies and even smaller verses inside the 'Long Name Verse'. It appears to be cylindrical, and has a whitish tint. It also glows somewhat. No one except for a select few individuals are allowed inside the structure. Many creatures have been theorizing over what is going on inside Higyu, with an outlandish one being that the government is secretly doing illegal, inhumane things to creatures inside the superstructure. The 'Long Name Verse' government has not given any information on Higyu. However, a few files supposedly documenting what is inside of Higyu have been leaked.


Higighi written in Hughuhi

Higighi is a superstructure used for building other superstructures. Higighi is the biggest superstructure created by The Hugghiguyughiyuguhi so far, measuring over Avtaverse lengths. Higighi has mainly been used to create superstructures containing classified information, such as Higyu. Due to this, many creatures have been theorizing about Higighi as well, and raids have been carried out on it a few times, both by native Hugghiguyughiyuguhians and outsiders.


Hugigu written in Hughuhi

Hugigu is one of the biggest superstructures, it taking up over 10000 cubic Exaverses of space. It is also one of the more usual and less interesting ones. It is basically a verse miner that, like the name implies, mines verses. No one is really interested about this superstructure.

Brief history of the verse and civilization

Date Desc.
-102 OYC The 'Long Name Verse' is created in a relatively unpopulated section of the Omniverse from many small verses that smashed together.
5 OYC The first life appears in the center of the 'Long Name Verse'. It is extremely basic, and has about the same intelligence as a fish.
107 OYC The life starts to build structures on small planets and moons.
112 OYC The life sends the first spacecraft outside of their local star system.
150 OYC The life establish a stable government and explore their whole galaxy. Lots of new technology is invented during this period.
157 OYC The life successfully explore and subsequently control the entire 'Long Name Verse'. A few new civilizations emerge in the verses close to the 'Long Name Verse'.
176 OYC An ancient form of the Hughuhi language emerges as the dominant language of The Hugghiguyughiyuguhi.
190 OYC The life, now known as the "Hugghiguyughiyuguhians", engage in trade with other civilizations.
250 OYC The Hugghiguyughiyuguhians gained omniversal importance, as the verse had many valuable materials and cheap prices and the economy was booming.
593 OYC The Hugghiguyughiyuguhi engages in a war between neighboring verses. The enemy couldn't spell the name of the 'Long Name Verse' (Hugghiguyughiyuguhi) right, and when they tried to launch a plasma beam meant to destroy the 'Long Name Verse', they missed their target by light years, and hit another verse with a similar name, obliterating it completely. A memorial was soon built for the Hugghiguyughiyuguhian soldiers who fought/died in the conflict. Countless Hugghiguyughiyuguhians hide in the Stableverse to avoid the conflict.
601 OYC The Verse Corrupter is banned by many large civilizations in the Omniverse. The Hugghiguyughiyuguhi originally opposed this and continued using it, but banned it as well when it was pressured by other very powerful civilizations.
603 OYC The Hugghiguyughiyuguhians manage to create the first artificial Swekn, the Reality Particle which makes up the Stableverse. This allows them to fix up the Stableverse, and they take control of it.
606 OYC The name of Hugghiguyughiyuguhi is officially changed to the current name, the 'Long Name Verse', due to the previous name being so confusing. Many creatures didn't like that it sounded so informal, but in the end, it ended up being called that.
1030 OYC The Hugghiguyughiyuguhi expand and establish settlements in The Outside, soon becoming the most advanced civilization in the entire Omniverse.
2479 OYC The Out is discovered, and massive and powerful civilizations come to establish control over the center of The Out. The Hugghiguyughiyuguhi get a significant portion of the center.
4893 OYC The center of The Out soon has hundreds of entire Omniverses.
Current OYC The 'Long Name Verse' is now peaceful, and is prosperous and well off. However, the verse still has the risk of being attacked by evil, extremely powerful entities.