The Hugghiguyughiyuguhi 2 is a large verse located in the Omniverse. It is known to be split into two halves. Each half of this verse has a civilization, and both of these civilizations are very similar to the civilizations of The Hugghiguyughiyuguhi.

These two civilizations are very different from each other. They both are enemies of the creatures of The Hugghiguyughiyuguhi, and are one of their main targets whenever they are in an interversal war.

The "Green" Creatures

The first half of The Hugghiguyughiyuguhi 2 is known as the realm of the "Green" Creatures. They are an unnamed species, and they are also the minor civilization of this verse, so they aren't named after the verse.

The "Green" Creatures are considered the polar opposite creatures of Hugghiguyughiyuguhians. These creatures don't have many resources to work with, haven't invented much, and don't have any ways to defend from other civilizations. Therefore, Hugghiguyughiyuguhians have donated a few objects of their own, including one regular spaceship.

These "Green" Creatures still haven't been particularly successful as a civilization, despite many other civilizations still donating objects. This has caused several suspicions about this civilization.


These creatures are simple biologically, being mostly standard living thing structures when compared to the rest of the civilizations in its Omniverse.

These creatures live on a substance called Hugiyihugihuyh, which is a unique substance only found in the stars of the Hugghiguyugiyuguhi. They have different effects based on their state of matter. Solids are less beneficial to "Green" Creatures. Gasses are the most beneficial, but are the most difficult to create.


This civilization has not established any form of government, and haven't really achieved much. They have developed a few new math terms, as well as made some structures to transport between planets. Other than that, they are a subpar civilization that live in one side of the Hugghiguyughiyuguhi 2.


Math Terms

The "Green" Creatures have invented a few math terms. These mostly have to do with positive integers, or using a specific function. They aren't anything too revolutionary, but they can be pretty useful.


Their main invention is the invention of AudioSilks. This is an invention that can turn any sound into reality in any material. This was created by accident when The "Green" Creatures were trying to build a megaphone, but instead they created a very useful object. It can be used to project heartbeats or find out if a sound is stable on an easily recognizable surface. AudioSilks is made using audio sensors and atomic manipulators to create a firm audio visualizer in multiple dimensions.

Structures and Regions

Virtually all of the structures in this region of The Hugghiguyughiyuguhi 2 are actually artificially-cooled-down stars, using resources provided by the more advanced civilization. eifnfeef

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