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== History ==
== History ==
The Hwprgtwkantf have a very long history, spanning thousands of [[OYC]]. Throughout their long history, the Hwprgtwkantf have conquered many, many verses and built huge superstructures.
The Hwprgtwkantf have a very long history, spanning thousands of [[OYC]]. Throughout their long history, the Hwprgtwkantf have conquered many, many verses and built huge superstructures.
The history below is from an ancient text, that has been translated to English. Keep in mind that there are a few errors in the text.
=== <u>Early History</u> ===
=== <u>Early History</u> ===

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The Hwprgtwkantf were a once powerful civilization located at the center of a prosperous Megaverse. They

have long since disappeared, but their legacy is still remembered all around their native Megaverse.


The Hwprgtwkantf have a very long history, spanning thousands of OYC. Throughout their long history, the Hwprgtwkantf have conquered many, many verses and built huge superstructures.

The history below is from an ancient text, that has been translated to English. Keep in mind that there are a few errors in the text.

Early History

In -628 OYC, the Hwprgtwkantf first originated in a small solar system located within a rogue universe that constantly ejected galaxies, stars, and other materials out into interversal space.

The Hwprgtwkantf adapted to this phenomenon, and soon developed a rudimentary economy and government on their home planet. This rudimentary government morphed into the Mctyiflwm Dynasty, the first dynasty of the Hwprgtwkantf.

Mctyiflwm Dynasty

The Mctyiflwm Dynasty was a time of relative peace. All of the approximately 546,000 Hwprgtwkantfians lived in small underground homes. The economy of the Mctyiflwm Dynasty was a subsistence economy, and that was also the reason the dynasty got overthrown.

The Mctyiflwm Dynasty got overthrown in -78 OYC.

Owlfnal Dynasty

In -593 OYC, the Hwprgtwkantf gained control of their entire planet. The old Mctyiflwm Dynasty got overthrown, and the Owlfnal Dynasty took charge. This dynasty was quite long, stretching over 900 OYC. However, the Owlfnal Dynasty became corrupt in around 34 OYC due to a series of extremely selfish leaders. Today, this dynasty is remembered as one of the worst periods of Hwprgtwkantf history.

The Owlfnal Dynasty got overthrown in 250 OYC.

Odgtlyislt Dynasty

After the Owlfnal, there was the Odgtlyislt Dynasty. This dynasty lasted for about 1700 OYC, and was basically the golden age of the Hwprgtwkantf. During this time, lots of new technology was invented, and many superstructures were built. This was also the first dynasty to engage with foreign powers, and also when the Hwprgtwkantf expanded beyond their Multiverse.

However, this dynasty got interrupted when a huge war occurred in 504 OYC. This war completely destroyed many civilizations, but the Hwprgtwkantf were lucky and survived. Many more OYC were spent repairing destroyed verses, galaxies, and planets.

This dynasty ended in 1562 OYC and was replaced by the Oapwrplg Dynasty.

Oapwrplg Dynasty

The Oapwrplg Dynasty was an extremely short dynasty that happened after the Odgtlyislt Dynasty. This dynasty only had 3 successive leaders, and after the third leader, King Hllwrl died, the Oapwrplg Dynasty was disestablished in 1562 OYC, the same OYC year the Odgtlyislt Dynasty ended.

The Fragmented Period

Another relatively short period, the Fragmented Period was a time when the Hwprgtwkantf civilization was very disorganized. Wars were frequent, and many casualties resulted from that. However, this period didn't last long due to outside interference, and the Fragmented Period ended in 1583 OYC.

Owifdalv Dynasty

The Owifdalv Dynasty was the second golden age of the Hwprgtwkantf civilization. During this time period, the Hwprgtwkantf expanded even more and conquered over 5892 universes in a few multiverses. The economy was booming, and trade with neighboring civilizations were becoming extremely frequent.

However, this dynasty didn't last as long as the previous Odgtlyislt Dynasty due to powerful Omni gods messing around with many civilizations in many different Archverses, including the Megaverse the Hwprgtwkantf were in.

That caused the dynasty to collapse in 2300 OYC.

Fdmvceathislbab Dynasty

The Fdmvceathislbab Dynasty was a brief dynasty that was very corrupt and cruel to the now over 100 quintillion Hwprgtwkantfians spread out throughout all the controlled territory of the Hwprgtwkantf civilization. This dynasty, since it was extremely corrupt, got overthrown just 5 OYC years after the dynasty was established.

Mglvnahw Dynasty

The Mglvnahw Dynasty was another long dynasty, stretching over 1672 OYC. During this time, the Hwprgtwkantf expanded a lot and almost gained control over their entire Megaverse, before getting stopped by a coalition of smaller civilizations.

Many superstructures were built during this period. Most were energy harvesters, and gave the Hwprgtwkantf a huge advantage against rival powers.

However, civilizations beyond the local Megaverse of the Hwprgtwkantf destroyed the majority of the verse for energy and spare materials. Almost all the civilizations in the Megaverse were destroyed, and the Hwprgtwkantf was damaged permanently.

This dynasty lasted well after the catastrophic event, now known as the Harvesting to the majority of civilizations in the present-day Megaverse. The dynasty fell in 3977 OYC, but remnants of it remained during the next dynasty, the Aghislkbabt Dynasty.

Aghislkbabt Dynasty

The Aghislkbabt Dynasty was the second to last dynasty of the Hwprgtwkantf. This dynasty was another golden age, bringing the total number of golden ages in Hwprgtwkantf history to 3. This dynasty was also the longest dynasty, retaining control over the Hwprgtwkantf for more than 2000 OYC.

This dynasty brought about new technologies that were never seen before in neighboring civilizations, such as extremely fast spacecraft that could travel across the entire Megaverse in less than a minute, and instant communication devices. The Aghislkbabt Dynasty also marked the time when the Hwprgtwkantf discovered the Energyverse. Hundreds of energy harvesters were built around stars in the verse, and energy production increased dramatically.

This dynasty fell due to a very corrupt and selfish leader known today as King Owllfndalve, whose horrible leadership led to internal rebellions. After much chaos, the Aghislkbabt Dynasty fell in 6064 OYC.

Fnladlst Dynasty

The Fnladlst Dynasty was the last dynasty of the Hwprgtwkantf. This dynasty was quite corrupt from the beginning, and struggled to retain control over the extremely vast Hwprgtwkantf territory and civilization.

During this time, the entire Hwprgtwkantf civilization was in chaos. Hundreds of rebellions were springing up, and the government could not control them all. After a long and very heated struggle between the corrupt government and rebels, the entire Hwprgtwkantf civilization and all of its remnants finally fell in 6598 OYC.


Today, the legacy of the Hwprgtwkantf has still been remembered, and many of their inventions are still widely used in the Megaverse the Hwprgtwkantf civilization started in.

Verses Colonized

The Hwprgtwkantf have colonized and controlled many verses before. Here are some notable ones. The date tells how long the verse was under Hwprgtwkantf rule.

Records held

The Hwprgtwkantf have set many records that still stand inside their native Megaverse. These records can include fastest speed, biggest superstructure, and much more.

Number Record Desc. Date
#1 Fastest Speed The Hwprgtwkantf achieved one of the most insane speeds with a Multiversal Type 10 spacecraft, accelerating the spacecraft up to 81203800 Universe lengths per minute. This record has not been beaten yet inside the Megaverse. 4189 OYC
#2 Biggest Superstructure The Hwprgtwkantf, when building energy harvesters in the Energyverse, built a monstrously big superstructure with almost 1,000,000,000,000,000 solar diameters. 4783 OYC
#3 Most Energy Harvested with an Energy Harvester The Hwprgtwkantf, with their ridiculously big energy harvester (above), harvested over 100 quindecillion watts of energy from a single star. The energy harvested were used to build superstructures. 4863 OYC