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The Hyper Flower is the second smallest Hypersized object, and contains anywhere from 1-15 Hyper Leaves. Unlike The Hyper Leaf, this object actually has an absurd amount of life.


The Hyper Flower has several types of life forms. There are seven MAIN types of life here, however. These life forms include creatures such as Hyper Bees, Hyper Worms, Hyper Butterflies, Hyper Caterpillars, Hyper Bugs, Hyper Pollen, and The Hyper Leaves. Each entity controls a certain part of the hyper flower.

Areas of the hyper flower

There are 4 main areas of the hyper flower.

Hyper Stem

The Hyper Stem is the easiest area to get to in the hyper flower, as it is directly in the open and has tons of Hyper Nutrients for pretty much any life form. This area is controlled by Hyper Insects, such as Hyper Worms and Hyper Caterpillars, as well as the occasional Hyper Bug.

The Hyper Leaves

The Hyper Leaves are the Hyper Plants on the side of the Hyper Stem and are controlled by all Hyper Insects, except for ones that pollinate. This area is around as easy to get to as the hyper stem. This is also where the most amount of The E lives.

Hyper Petals

The Hyper Petals are the main part of the Hyper Flower, and are the most recognizable part of it. Hyper petals mainly hold Hyper Bees and Hyper Butterflies, as this is one of the many places they can rest during pollination. This area is relatively hard to access if you're not one of those two creatures, as they both guard the hyper petals with extreme caution. If you're caught on the hyper petals, the Hyper Bee protecting it will create an explosion that'll end an uncountably infinite amount of The's.

Hyper Stigma

The hyper stigma is where the Hyper Bees collect the Hyper Pollen from, each Hyper Pollen containing an uncountably infinite amount of E. This area is even more hard to access, as if you even go NEAR this area, all types of Hyper Bees in the immediate vicinity will come to you and try to kill you.

How was the picture taken?

The picture was taken by an Omega-Cam; the most powerful type of camera currently known. The picture was likely taken by an Omegahuman, as they're the only known creatures that can make an Omega-Cam. However, they did get stung by a Hyper Bee in the process.