Hyperomegaverse is a very large infinite spiralverse!

The spiralverse is a universe with Omegaverses, but they are invisible and cannot be seen beacuse the Hyperomegaverse is transinfinite, it contains all of exsistence and theres more of them out there, that are impossibie to reach.

Hyperomegaverse 10% 50% 100%
Other one of Hyperomegaverse is unreachble! x x x
Can be possible to reach! With advanced technology x
Can be seen from telescope? If its large enough? x x

</aside>Almost immposebile to reach! Even if you travel at lightspeed it will take forever

to get there....

In the hyperomegaverse, there are spiral universe galaxies, these can be large and small. They are called Universal galaxies.

Dimensionality is still unknown and the mass is transinfinite.

These verses might not be reached due to a heavy presence of void.

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