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The Ice Cream is a large, highly hallucinogenic structure which is sturdier then almost all know materials and cannot be penetrated by any non-tog deities known to us. The Ice Cream is the holder of The Cherry, another similarly inpenetrable structure. The Ice Cream resides somewhere within a verse at the 12th Everything Layer, and is by far the largest non-hierarchy verse found so far. The Ice Cream's sole purpose is to dissuade visitors from getting to and into The Cherry. The Ice Cream is also known as ZSD-23.


By far the most well known part of The Ice cream is the various ways it rids of invaders attempting to access The Cherry. One of the ways it does this is via. a hallucinogen mentioned earlier with enough potency to scar and perpetuate through minds over quadrillions of Omniverses distances away. This isn't very far, but over a very highly infinite distance those who approach the Ice Cream become very tempted to go away from it at all costs, even before other parts of the mind are affected.

Another highly dangerous feature of The Ice Cream is its combo of great taste and quicksand-like surface which shows some signs of intelligence. The ice Cream's unbreakable material is also very tasty, as even shown on the green segments. The few who have lived The Ice cream said it tasted "..something like a bubblegum flavor.", with the chips as "...somewhat minty." Do not be fooled though, as The Ice Cream's surface is highly mallable and has dragged down entire fleets of spaceships from lightyears away by stretching and absorbing them into itself. Extra matter is added evenly to the surface.

Finally, The Ice Cream is unsurprisingly very cold, although The Cherry is even colder. The temperatures are nearly unrecordable as most thermometers ment specifically for the cold still break or cannot record the frigidness of The Ice Cream. research from unfortunate but telepathic cosmic entities also retails that The Ice Cream gets colder as you go in, with the source of it seeming to be The Pit within The Cherry.