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The Inacessibleverse, as the name implies, is nearly impossible to access. No matter how fast you go and how long you go in The Never-Ending Void of Darkness, you'll (probably) never reach it. That is because the Inaccessibleverse doesn't seem to exist; it is so far out that is manages to be disconnected from our local reality cluster, a group of various realities that makes up (most) things beyond the Box.

How do I get here?

Normally, if you try to escape a reality cluster, then you would end up somewhere random in the reality cluster as a failsafe (this also applies to most objects, forces, etc.). Most of these positions go to another part of the never-ending void of darkness, letting light travel with them, making it harder to find an edge. If you get lucky, then you will find random objects in the Void. This might be a sign that you are close to the edge.

To get in here, stand near the "edge" of superreality for more than 10 minutes, then the miniature Virtual Universe inside the uqraek fiber inside of you will start glitching out, and eventually put the fiber in a state where you fall out of the reality cluster.

What is the purpose of being there?

There are various things beyond the local reality cluster that are either rare or non-existant in our local reality cluster. Isolated particles from Uqraek Fiber to Heck are common here. What is especially important is the Quaternium. Quaternium is most common out here. Quaternium can be crafted into a airplane-like vehicle that allows you to ignore Superreality boundaries, and to travel in every single dimension that exists, including time dimensions, making it VERY useful. If you eat small amounts of quaternium (not too much; it can cause health issues), then your dimensionality can quadruple. This also quadurples the dimensions of your eyes, allowing you to see more then you previously could.

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