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The Infinite Chain (in official cases called The Infinite Chain) is a chain of verses that has an infinite number of verses inside of it. When The Torus Chain had entries and The Metahyperchain had entries, The Infinite Chain has many more. We can calculate this by 'counting with ordinals', starting with 1,2,3,4,5,6,... and then ω,ω+1,ω+2,ω+3,... ω2,...ω3...ω2...ωω... and the pattern continues. It turns out that The Infinite Chain has over entries, more than entries, even more than entries! Because of this, The Infinite Chain cannot even be defined with EUSI because of how many layers of verses it has.

The many, many verses in The Infinite Chain have to have a name, and that is what most of this page is devoted to. But before that, we need to know about the properties of all of these verses.

Properties of Infinite Chain verses

The very first notable property is in the first verse in The Infinite Chain, the lemniverse, which is that the it contains the SAV. Because this is a chain, all verses contain the previous, and so you will always (eventually) find the SAV by going through the verse's barriers.

Speaking of barriers, the barriers of The Infinite Chain's verses alternate from being hard to pass to being easy to pass, and it cycles every 6 verses (Note: every infinite set starts with an SAV-like barrier) (Note 2: After the SAV, hardness to pass is based on barrier strength):

  1. Barrier is as hard to pass as SAV
  2. Barrier is as hard to pass as Torubarrier
  3. Barrier is as hard to pass as Lockverse[1]
  4. Barrier is as easy to pass as carbon nanotubes
  5. Barrier is as easy to pass as paper
  6. Barrier is as easy to pass as air

After this, the cycle repeats, having another verse that is as hard, or even possibly harder, than the SAV.

The beginning of every infinite set of verses (there isn't an end because of how ordinals work) usually has some special property, mostly because it contains all of the previous verses and that leads to some new property based on how all the previous verses work.

The actual shape of the barriers vary too, and some of the verses (mostly ones at the end of an infinite set) also contain other verses than just the previous verses in The Infinite Chain.

The size of each Infinite Chain verse, same with its dimensionality and kardashev, is equal to , where x is equal to the entry number of that specific verse, although for the first ω verses, 1 is added to x because the SAV is not considered to be part of the chain (aka Lemniverse is , but Metalemniverse is just )

Verses in The Infinite Chain

The following has a list of verses inside The Infinite Chain, and that names that have been coined by people.

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Original Chain

(up to ω verses in chain)
  • Lemniverse
  • Leboverse
  • Möniverse
  • Möboverse
  • Kleniverse
  • Klebiverse
  • Torniverse
  • Torbiverse
  • Bilemniverse
  • Trilemniverse
  • Quadrilemniverse
  • Quinlemniverse
  • Hexalemniverse
  • Heptalemniverse
  • ...

Meta Prefix

(up to ω2 verses in chain)

First Layer

  • Metalemniverse
  • Metaleboverse
  • Metamöniverse
  • Metamöboverse
  • Metakleniverse
  • Metaklebiverse
  • Metatorniverse
  • Metatorbiverse
  • Metabilemniverse
  • Metatrilemniverse
  • Metaquadrilemniverse
  • Metaquinlemniverse
  • Metahexalemniverse
  • ...

Second Layer

  • Metametalemniverse
  • Metametaleboverse
  • Metametamöniverse
  • Metametamöboverse
  • Metametakleniverse
  • Metametaklebiverse
  • Metametatorniverse
  • Metametatorbiverse
  • Metametabilemniverse
  • Metametatrilemniverse
  • Metametaquadrilemniverse
  • Metametaquinlemniverse
  • ...

Third Layer

  • Metametametalemniverse
  • Metametametaleboverse
  • Metametametamöniverse
  • Metametametamöboverse
  • Metametametakleniverse
  • Metametametaklebiverse
  • Metametametatorniverse
  • Metametametatorbiverse
  • Metametametabilemniverse
  • Metametametatrilemniverse
  • Metametametaquadrilemniverse
  • Metametametaquinlemniverse
  • ...

Fourth Layer

  • Metametametametalemniverse
  • Metametametametaleboverse
  • Metametametametamöniverse
  • Metametametametamöboverse
  • Metametametametakleniverse
  • Metametametametaklebiverse
  • Metametametametatorniverse
  • Metametametametatorbiverse
  • Metametametametabilemniverse
  • Metametametametatrilemniverse
  • Metametametametaquadrilemniverse
  • ...

Fifth Layer and onward

  • Metametametametametalemniverse
  • Metametametametametaleboverse
  • Metametametametametamöniverse
  • Metametametametametamöboverse
  • Metametametametametakleniverse
  • Metametametametametaklebiverse
  • Metametametametametatorniverse
  • Metametametametametatorbiverse
  • Metametametametametabilemniverse
  • Metametametametametatrilemniverse
  • ...
  • Metametametametametametalemniverse
  • Metametametametametametaleboverse
  • Metametametametametametamöniverse
  • Metametametametametametamöboverse
  • Metametametametametametakleniverse
  • Metametametametametametaklebiverse
  • Metametametametametametatorniverse
  • Metametametametametametatorbiverse
  • ...
  • Metametametametametametametalemniverse
  • Metametametametametametametaleboverse
  • Metametametametametametametamöniverse
  • Metametametametametametametamöboverse
  • Metametametametametametametakleniverse
  • Metametametametametametametaklebiverse
  • ...
  • Metametametametametametametametalemniverse
  • Metametametametametametametametaleboverse
  • Metametametametametametametametamöniverse
  • ...
  • Metametametametametametametametametalemniverse
  • ...
  • ...
  • ...

Bimeta Prefix

(up to ω3 verses in chain)

First Layer

  • Bimetalemniverse
  • Bimetaleboverse
  • Bimetamöniverse
  • Bimetamöboverse
  • Bimetakleniverse
  • Bimetaklebiverse
  • Bimetatorniverse
  • Bimetatorbiverse
  • Bimetabilemniverse
  • Bimetatrilemniverse
  • Bimetaquadrilemniverse
  • ...
  • Metabimetalemniverse
  • Metabimetaleboverse
  • Metabimetamöniverse
  • Metabimetamöboverse
  • Metabimetakleniverse
  • Metabimetaklebiverse
  • Metabimetatorniverse
  • Metabimetatorbiverse
  • ...
  • Metametabimetalemniverse
  • Metametabimetaleboverse
  • Metametabimetamöniverse
  • Metametabimetamöboverse
  • Metametabimetakleniverse
  • Metametabimetaklebiverse
  • ...
  • Metametametabimetalemniverse
  • Metametametabimetaleboverse
  • Metametametabimetamöniverse
  • ...
  • ...

Second Layer

  • Bimetabimetalemniverse
  • Bimetabimetaleboverse
  • Bimetabimetamöniverse
  • Bimetabimetamöboverse
  • Bimetabimetakleniverse
  • Bimetabimetaklebiverse
  • Bimetabimetatorniverse
  • Bimetabimetatorbiverse
  • Bimetabimetabilemniverse
  • ...
  • Metabimetabimetalemniverse
  • Metabimetabimetaleboverse
  • Metabimetabimetamöniverse
  • Metabimetabimetamöboverse
  • Metabimetabimetakleniverse
  • Metabimetabimetaklebiverse
  • Metabimetabimetatorniverse
  • ...
  • Metametabimetabimetalemniverse
  • Metametabimetabimetaleboverse
  • Metametabimetabimetamöniverse
  • Metametabimetabimetamöboverse
  • ...
  • Metametametabimetabimetalemniverse
  • ...
  • ...

Third Layer

  • Bimetabimetabimetalemniverse
  • Bimetabimetabimetaleboverse
  • Bimetabimetabimetamöniverse
  • Bimetabimetabimetamöboverse
  • Bimetabimetabimetakleniverse
  • Bimetabimetabimetaklebiverse
  • Bimetabimetabimetatorniverse
  • ...
  • Metabimetabimetabimetalemniverse
  • Metabimetabimetabimetaleboverse
  • Metabimetabimetabimetamöniverse
  • Metabimetabimetabimetamöboverse
  • ...
  • Metabimetabimetabimetalemniverse
  • ...
  • ...

Fourth Layer and onward

  • Bimetabimetabimetabimetalemniverse
  • Bimetabimetabimetabimetaleboverse
  • Bimetabimetabimetabimetamöniverse
  • Bimetabimetabimetabimetamöboverse
  • Bimetabimetabimetabimetakleniverse
  • ...
  • Metabimetabimetabimetabimetalemniverse
  • Metabimetabimetabimetabimetaleboverse
  • ...
  • ...
  • Bimetabimetabimetabimetabimetalemniverse
  • Bimetabimetabimetabimetabimetaleboverse
  • Bimetabimetabimetabimetabimetamöniverse
  • ...
  • ...
  • ...
  • ...

Trimeta Prefix and other prefixes

(up to ωω verses in chain)

Let's take a small break from having a giant list, and explain what exactly the pattern of these verse names are.

First we have the initial chain, which was named because we were thinking that there would not be another infinite chain. Eventually, a normal chain prefix comes into play, having a bilemniverse, then a trilemniverse, quadrilemniverse, etc. We then have a meta- prefix, which allows for ω2 entries. To get to ω3, we need another prefix. To do this, we can use a normal chain prefix on prefixes themselves, in this case having bimeta, which gets us to ω3 entries.

We can continue with a trimeta- prefix, which brings us to ω4, a quadrameta- prefix that brings us to ω5, a quinmeta- prefix that brings us to ω6, etc.

Some of these verses would sound weird, like decametadecametaquinmetaquadrametaquadrametabimetametametametametadecalemniverse, which happens to be the -th entry in the chain.

Ohmega prefix

(up to ωω^2 verses in chain)
  • Ohmegaverse (comes after metalemniverse, bimetalemniverse, trimetalemniverse, ...)
  • Ohmegalemniverse
  • Ohmegaleboverse
  • Ohmegamöniverse
  • ...
  • Ohmegametaverse
  • Ohmegametalemniverse
  • Ohmegametaleboverse
  • ...
  • Ohmegametametaverse
  • Ohmegametametalemniverse
  • ...
  • Ohmegametametametaverse
  • ...
  • ...
  • Ohmegabimetaverse
  • Ohmegabimetalemniverse
  • Ohmegabimetaleboverse
  • ...
  • Ohmegabimetametaverse

The chain then continues on, and eventually we reach the ohmegatrimetaverse, ohmegaquadrametaverse, ohmegaquinmetaverse, etc. After all this comes

  • Lemniohmegaverse
  • Lemniohmegalemniverse
  • Lemniohmegaleboverse
  • ...
  • Lemniohmegametaverse
  • Lemniohmegametalemniverse
  • ...
  • Lemniohmehametametaverse
  • ...
  • ...
  • Lemniohmegabimetaverse
  • Lemniohmegabimetalemniverse
  • ....................
  • Lemniohmegatrimetaverse
  • ....................
  • Lemniohmegaquadrametaverse
  • ....................
  • ....................

After all of those comes the

  • Lebohmegaverse
  • Lebohmegalemniverse
  • Lebohmegaleboverse
  • ...
  • Lebohmegametaverse
  • ...
  • Lebohmegametametaverse
  • ....................
  • Lebohmegabimetaverse
  • ....................
  • Lebohmegatrimetaverse
  • ....................
  • ....................

then the

  • Möniohmegaverse
  • Möniohmegalemniverse
  • ...
  • Möniohmegametaverse
  • ..................
  • Möniohmegabimetaverse
  • ..................
  • Möniohmegatrimetaverse
  • ..................

This continues with the Möbohmegaverse, then after a while the Kleniohmegaverse, then eventually the Klebiohmegaverse, and so on.

At some point, we reach the Metaohmegaverse, which comes after the Lemniohmegaverse, the Lebohmegaverse, Möbohmegaverse, etc. You may be sensing a pattern now, where whenever we run out of meta- prefixes to use, we put the next Infinite Chain verse name on the end. This is correct, and this naming system allows us to get to ωω^2 verses in the chain. However, there are still many more.

Higher verses in The Infinite Chain

After this point, the people naming the verses had fully given up on naming every verse in the chain. Instead, each verse in the chain was given an index number, with the lemniverse having an index number of 1, the leboverse has an index number of 2, the metalemniverse has an index number of , and so on, with the index number being the number of verses in the chain. They are also the same as the entry number of The Infinite Chain.

Some specific verses have special names because they were milestones in the number of verses or because they has specific interesting properties. They are listed here:

  • Triohmegaverse (index number: ωω^3)
  • Quadrohmegaverse (index number: ωω^4)
  • Quinohmegaverse (index number: ωω^5)
  • Decohmegaverse (index number: ωω^10)
  • Numerohmegaverse (index number: ωω^763+ω^750)
  • Multiohmegaverse (index number: ωω^ω)
  • Multinumerohmegaverse (index number: ωω^(24ω+36))
  • Metohmegaverse (index number: ωω^ω^2)
  • Trimetohmegaverse (index number: ωω^ω^3)
  • Numetohmegaverse (index number: ω(ω^(ω^704+ω^5)6+ω^893)ω5+203+1178)
  • Epsilohmegaverse (index number: )
  • Zetohmegaverse/zetaverse (index number: )
  • Etohmegaverse/etaverse (index number: )
  • Numerophiverse (index number: )
  • Omegaphiverse (index number: )
  • Gammohmegaverse (index number: or )
  • Veblenverse (index number: using Buchholz's psi function)
  • Great veblenverse (index number: using Buchholz's psi function)
  • Hyperionverse (index number: )
  • Birionverse (index number: )
  • Bihyperionverse (index number: )
  • Trihyperionverse (index number: )
  • Quadrahyperionverse (index number: )
  • Numerohyperionverse (index number: )
  • Ohmegahyperionverse (index number: )
  • Biohmegahyperionverse (index number: )
  • Triohmegahyperionverse (index number: )
  • Ohohmegahyperionverse (index number: )
  • Epsihyperionverse (index number: )
  • Hyperhyperionverse (index number: )
  • Omegahyperhyperionverse (index number: )
  • Hyperhyperhyperionverse (index number: )
  • Hyperhyperhyperhyperionverse (index number: )
  • Inacessiverse (index number: )
  • Hyperioninacessiverse (index number: )
  • Binacessiverse (index number: )
  • Numeroinacessiverse (index number: )
  • Ohmeginacessiverse (index number: )
  • Hyperinacessiverse (index number: )
  • Inacinacessiverse (index number: )
  • Mahloverse (index number: )
  • ...many verses here are very unintresting until...
  • Absoluteverse (index number: )
  • Unabsoluteverse (index number: )
  • Duoabsoluteverse (index number: )
  • Ohmabsoluteverse (index number: )
  • Hyperabsoluteverse (index number: )
  • Absoabsoluteverse (index number: )
  • Bisoluteverse (index number: )
  • Unbisoluteverse (index number: )
  • Ohmbisoluteverse (index number: )
  • Trisoluteverse (index number: )
  • Ohmasoluteverse (index number: )
  • Hypersoluteverse (index number: )
  • Absolusoluteverse (index number: )
  • Absolusolusoluteverse (index number: )
  • Limit of Infinite Chain verses (max(index of all infinite chain verses) = )

Properties of Specific Verses in The Infinite Chain

Now that we have listed all of the verses in The Infinite Chain, here is a list of what properties the interesting ones have. Note: I'm just listing the verses I'm going to go into detail about, soon I will add actual info.


Due to the Lemniverse being the first in The Infinite Chain, it has been documented a lot. It has properties that are very similar to the SAV, although the main difference between the two verses are that the Lemniverse is shaped like a very large, higher-dimensional lemniscate (infinity symbol), which is how the Lemniverse was named. The Lemniverse contains exactly SAVs.

The Lemniverse also contain lots of glowing star-like structures shaped like toruses that emit photons of exactly 700 terahertz (which is a bluish color). Together, these form structures that are themselves shaped like toruses, which is actually the same kind of object, with these unnamed objects being made of other, smaller, torus-shaped objects, and it continues like this. There is no known maximum layer, as it is thought that there is no largest torus, being limited only by the size of the Lemniverse.

The Leboverse is almost exactly the same, having only a barrier that is slightly easier to break, and the smallest of the toruses here are made of Lemniverses.


The Möniverse, although its name sounds like that of the Möbiverse, is actually relatively unrelated to the other verse, also being shaped like a lemniscate. The only reason the Möniverse got its name is due to the fact that when two Möniverses collide a Kleiniverse is formed, as well as one leftover Möniverse. The reason that this reaction occurs is currently unknown, although recent studies have encouraged the theory that the surface composition changes chemicals, causing a chain reaction that expands the surface (but this makes the surface much less strong).

The actual Möniverse is mostly empty, containing between 1024-1048576 Leboverses, and 0-1024 Lemniverses. No other objects have ever been found inside a Möniverse.


The Kleniverse is a verse that is formed from the collision of two Möniverses, which is why it was named (being similar to Kleinverse). Like all Infinite Chain verses, it is shaped like a lemniscate, with one section containing one Möniverse. It is green, but not very notable in any other way. Its surface, which is about as hard as paper, is said to taste like cucumber[2].


The Torniverse is different from the previous verse due to the fact that they break apart very quickly after formation, leaving it 'torn apart', which is why it was named. One of the two halves contains Kleniverse, and the other contains another Torniverse (this will then break apart very quickly). There is a shrinking pattern of Torniverses from this, although due to its infinite size it doesn't actually get smaller.

The reason the Torniverse breaks apart is currently unknown, but it is currently thought that the combination of a strong barrier and this specific dimension and size makes the verse break apart.


This verse is a "glitched" verse similar to the Torniverse. The Metalemniverse is crumbling apart by the physics of the Metalemniverse making attractions from other verses unnecessarily stronger than it should be.

That means the Metalemniverse has a clear border, not blurry ones like Hyperverse. In case of the Hyperverse, the border separating it and Omniversal space is not that clear at all. The Hyperverse is like cloud of nebulae and many smaller verses mixed together, so the Hyperverse cannot be "destroyed" by attraction.

On the other hand, the Metalemniverse's energy shell is something resembling a tetrahedron, and it contains a very, very large amount of energy. Crumbling causes energy to spill, and the energy pressure keeping Metalemniverse's objects are gone, so they are being removed from the host verse. Very dissatisfyingly, this verse will not be shattered; its inner infinite energy is keeping it from exploding.


The Metamöniverse is a blue verse that is very similar to the Möniverse. When two collide, a Metakleniverse is created. Unlike the original Möniverse, the inside surface of the Metamöniverse is covered in a strange blue plant, described as being similar to mold. It does not appear to grow at all except on the surface of the Metamöniverse. There have been 3 currently identified species, named Phytauctus cyanca, Phytauctus visca, and Phytauctus pneua. There is no common name for these species yet.


The Metametalemniverse is very similar to the Metalemniverse, however it is even more unstable than before and is expected to decay completely within 0.25 OYC. Luckily, only the surface and laws within the Metametalemniverse are going to be destroyed, so the entire previous part of The Infinite Chain will be fine.


(see metametalemniverse) but with less instability and slightly more glitch.


(see metametalemniverse)


(see metabimetalemniverse)


(see metabimetalemniverse) but there is MUCH less instability.


(see ohmegaverse)


Jam-packed full of the previous verse.


(see triohmegaverse)


(see triomegaverse)


(see decohmegaverse)


(see decohmegaverse)


(see numetohmegaverse)


(see epsilohmegaverse) but it’s even tigher


It is not like the Numerophiverse. However, it has a lot of large creatures floating through it, and these creatures are sometimes intelligent. The borders are blazing hot yet they freeze you.


(see hyperionverse)


(see hyperionverse)


(see ohmegahyperionverse)


(see epsilhyperionverse)


(see hyperhyperionverse)


(see hyperhyperionverse)


(see inacessiverse)


(see numeroinacessiverse)

The Great Property Gap

(first sector will probably be done when I work on this)


(see great property gap)


(see absoluteverse)


(see absoluteverse)


(see hyperabsoluteverse)


(see bisoluteverse)


(see trisoluteverse)


(see trisoluteverse)


(see hypersoluteverse)


(I don't even know when I'll finish this)

this page is a work in progress, so it will be completed later, just not now.

  1. Recent studies have shown that these verses vary from 20% to 150% the strength of a Lockverse on their surface. The strength seems to be random.
  2. Only one person has eaten the surface, reason unknown.