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The Infinite Infinity is a big container that contains a lot of structured objects. It also contains some verses, which are The Point of No Return and Megametaverse.


Since crystals are very orderly and structured, The Infinite Infinity includes a lot of them. The most common crystal here are diamonds, although carbon nanotubes and graphite; which are both techinally crystals, also are common here. Radioactive elements are extremely rare here. If any unstable isotopes are created, then they are auto-deleted for being "too messy". This rule is more strict with hyperradioactive elements. The object the hyperradioactive element is in is deleted. This "auto-deletion" doesn't apply in the Point of No Return. Absolutely tiny strings don't go outside of the Point of No Return since they are too random, so anything contained by Heck or Heck itself doesn't exist here.

If you get too far away from the center of The Infinite Infinity, your uqraek fibers will start to get erased from reality. One way to stop this is to use Glitchonicite and negative-sized verses like Verseuni to corrupt The Infinite Infinity and regain your uqraek fibers.

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