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The Isolation is the home of The Seeker, a faraway entity that resides outside of everything, and all laws. Very little is known about this verse, since it is inaccessible, no matter how much you clip through reality or hop through different Existence Ranks.


The Isolation, since it is inaccessible, is extremely hard to get information from. However, a Core of Everything does have information on the inside of The Isolation.

A Core of Everything containing info about Finality- objects describes the interior like this:

"The Isolation has a mostly empty inside, with occasional Primordial Particles such as Primordium Delta and Primordium Sigma floating around. The only thing located at the center is a small obelisk, with purpose still unknown. At the infinite and inaccessible borders of The Isolation lies massive jagged pillars with huge stashes of Primordium Omega inside, presumably a dump for all matter The Seeker has destroyed."

Relationship to Existence States

The Isolation, since it cannot be accessed using Existence Rank hopping, means that it has absolutely no Existence Rank at all, which can still fit in here since logic and every law does not apply here.

However, there is a possibility that The Isolation is in an "imaginary Existence Rank", something that is so complex and elusive that not even Omni-Gods can possibly comprehend it.