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Negative Objects (Class 0)

Negative Objects (Absolutely Tiny Chain)

Negative Objects (He((c)(k)) Chain

  • Hekc [Size Scale: Negative Million]
  • Hevv [Size Scale: Negative 500,000]
  • The dentist [Size Scale: Negative 100,000]
  • Hebb [Size Scale: Negative 1,000]
  • Heaa [Size Scale: Negative 100]
  • Hekk [Size Scale: Negative 6]
  • Hecc [Size Scale: Negative 5]
  • Heck [Size Scale: Negative 4]

Negative Objects (Negative Structures)

  • Versexeno [Size Scale: Negative 3.5]
  • Versemeta [Size Scale: Negative 3]
  • Versemega [Size Scale: Negative 2.5]
  • Versemulti [Size Scale: Negative 2]
  • Verseuni [Size Scale: Negative 1]
  • Redprint Particle [Size Scale: Negative 0]
  • · [Size Scale: 0]

Very Small Things (Class Sub-0)

Very Small Things (Particles)

Very Small Things (Rennistic)

  • Uqraek fiber [Size Scale: Googleminex]
  • String [Size Scale: Googolminitua]
  • Quark [Size Scale: 0.000002]
  • Electron [Size Scale: 0.002]
  • Nucleon [Size Scale: 0.05]
  • Atom [Size Scale: 0.1]

Space (Class 1)

Space (On Earth)

  • Molecule [Size Scale: 0.5]
  • FYI, There are lots of things after this point but aren’t on this wiki, so I’m gonna skip to the next object I can find. (For examples, human cell, flea, string of hair, stuff like that.
  • Human [Size Scale: 10]
  • Again, there are lots of things between this point and the next object. I’d say... from a car to a mountain. Sorry for the inconvenience. Since the gap is so big, we unfortunately have to end this section.

Space (The Solar System)

Space (The Big Stuff)

It’s Just Getting Started (Class Sub-1)

It’s Just Getting Started (Archverses)

It’s Just Getting Started (Biggest Things)

]Disclaimer: From now on, using the math formula would just be wasting time, so I’m explaining my new solution.

^ will mean “to the power of.”


For double digit numbers and up,


The Things Beyond (Class 2)

The Things Beyond (The Classic Introduction)

The Things Beyond (Superverses)