The Laws of Everything


The Laws of Everything is the reason why nearly every verse exists, it is the one why each verse has their own unique laws of the universe. This is contained by nearly every verse, it grants them their own physics and laws.

But the laws of everything has an end, The Fartherer Lands is where the laws of everything stops working, in the end lands, The Laws of Everything dont work there, or in any verse beyond the end lands.

It is absolutely, physically, humanly, and conceptually impossible to destroy this thing, well you cant destroy it, but you CAN change it, the only ones who can change it are, The Spirit, The Creator of that verse or a higher power, or if the creator allows civilizations to change it themselves.

The Spirit

The Spirit is the one who make sures nobody abuses the laws of everything in their verse. And everytime the laws of everything tells him to change some law, he changes it. The Spirit has an enemy, The Law Changer, who's story is below this one. Now, what was the story of The Spirit? The Spirit uses to be an alien, whos job was being a magician, who actually used magic, The Laws of Everything was impressed by this guy, because he also was able to change physics somehow, he gave The Spirit a deal, help him observe universes, and The Laws of Everything would pay him by training him, The Spirit agreed, he did this for trillions of years while still being a magicion, it was an easy job till it became way harder when The Law Changer came in and started changing many laws, till they both fought, and gave up because it was a a continous stalemate.

The Law Changer

The Law of everything has only 1 threat, The Law Changer, aka Bob The Scientist. You can read his whole Origin story here. To sum it all up, The Law Changer/Bob was a scientist that worked at the SCP foundation, he spent his life trying to change a law of the universe, till one day he achieved this by mixing planck length temperature liquid and liquid nitrogen in a gun, the scientists promoted him and used his gun to kill other entities, so then Bob accidentally dropped the gun which triggered it and shot Bob. A guard found him and thought it was an scp, Bob had to escape and went to another alien planet. He edited his gun to revert himself back but failed and instead gave himself more powers, blah blah blah, the scp foundation found him and almost captured him because bob changed the laws of physics in both planets, moved on to change the laws of physics of other planets, galaxies, then to universes. The spirit found bob they both fought and they both lost.


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The Laws of Everything is actually a cosmic being, but he is more of an object.

The Law Changers true name is Scientist Bob.

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