The Limitless is the infinite surroundment and containment of all the cosmologies. Every existing cosmology is within Limitless.

There are few things that you have to know about Limitless:

  • Limitless does not belong to any cosmology
  • It does not exist
  • It does exist
  • Limitless can contain anything you will ever think of
  • Limitless cannot be contained by anything you will ever think of


There is no such thing as "outside the Limitless". This is (meta/pata)physically/logically impossible. Something outside Limitless cannot exist itself, this would cause a Superior Paradox. And this paradox would cause entire existence to fall into itself spontaneously, and without warning.

Relation with Weeweecluster

Weeweecluster is oblivosly bigger, and is outside Limitless, since it exists at the different plane of existence, despite Limitless contains all the planes of existence.



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