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The MAX has no known border, the energy orbiting acts as a gas, thinning out the further one goes. So far, astronomers have only been able to come up with a weak estimate. Hopes are for future technological advancements to be able to define a strict border.

Although, It is still unknown whether there exists a real physical border or not.

Unlike the Everywhere, The MAX is a true fractal structure. The combined strength of the cores of the Everywheres allow for real fractal patterns.

Due to the appearance of The MAX, creatures of equivalent size store The MAXes for entertainment purposes, like humans store lava lamps.

Tier One Unknown Anywhere Everywhere The MAX NA Super NA Mega NA Hyper NA Ultra NA Omni NA Final NA
Tier Two The Alternate The Purple Maze The Green Maze The Blue Maze The Great Complex Great Location Uber Realm Black The End
Tier Three Everyverse The Last The Coin The Bin