The Machine

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The Machine is an anomalous object capable of executing orders or answering questions commonly found to be extremely difficult to pull off.


The Machine appears to be a normal pinball machine, except with 2 key differences: There are unusually thin slots all over the pinball machine, and there is a hidden switch on the back of the machine.

This switch, when switched on and off, does absolutely nothing (or nothing that we can notice yet).


The Machine was discovered in a small Universe in 862 OYC. At first, the creatures that discovered it, a small group of explorers, thought that it was some totally ordinary pinball machine, until one of the explorers said to its group, "What is this thing?" The machine immediately responded, "I am a machine." All the explorers were extremely surprised, and the machine was later taken to the Ontological Museum to be extensively studied.


The Machine really has no limits, and can do anything that a Mary Sue-type of god like Dunkey Kong and Gerald can do.

Countless things were said to The Machine, and The Machine was able to do everything that was asked of it.

Here are a couple examples.

"Turn rainbow." The machine turned into all the colors of the visible spectrum.

"Disappear." The machine disappeared for exactly 12 seconds.

"Be nonexistent." The machine turns all of its parts to nonexistent, which is actually existence-0.

"Roll an Infinity-Sided Die." The machine manages to make a endless stream of random digits, that no people can recreate that scenario.

"Tell me how can I colonize Cetaverse?" The machine gives a guide to colonize the Cetaverse, even it contains details for each step and objects that can be found in glossary. The guide is made with Alphasm's best technologies, including the parts from the Second Realm.

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