The Maze is an unknown dimension full of dimensional oddities, such as fractional dimensionalities, irrational dimensionalities, negative dimensionalities, imaginary dimensionalities, undefined dimensionalities. It also contains several loops, portals, wormholes, black holes, time paradoxes and time loops. It might hold the only quaternion, tessarine, coquaternion, biquaternion, and octonion dimensions in existence. Its scale cannot be measured as it loops in on itself, much like The Knot. It is easy to get lost in the maze as it is so big that it outstrips imagination. If you were to try to make a computer simulation of this, your processor would reach temperatures comparable to the surface of the sun. The only way to visualize it is to reach it, and there is no way to reach it. Therefore, there is no way to visualize it.

UPDATE: In 2019, a cosmologist by the name of Zento managed to get a glimpse of the Maze using a supercomputer submerged in liquid nitrogen. He was able to deduce, from the brief glimpse he got before his computer exploded, that The Maze is, in fact, solvable.

UPDATE 2: In December 2019, Zento also determined that The Maze is not in fact an Infinite, because if it were, the whole of reality would have to follow the Maze's rules. <The Maze does not follow the rules.>

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