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Ignore the name.

What is TMW?

The Meme World (or TMW for short) is a universe held by Alternate Omnipyramid. It is a rainbow acid trip, as travelling through it makes you high. This is a universe that holds all of the internet memes, no matter if they are dead or alive. The most common memes are:

  • PogChamp
  • Spongebob
  • Joe Biden
  • Thinking Emoji (variations are:)
    • Pentagram Thinking
    • Thonk
    • Why
  • Doge

There are many other memes, but there are too much to list.

The Meme Society

Didn't I say all memes are in TMW? Well, let's scratch that. TMS decides what memes are aloud in TMW. If they are too cringe, they will not be let in, and therefore be terminated. The ones who have survived termination has escaped, or has sneaked into TMW. Hopefully, these awful memes will die.

If you can read this, go to hell