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"A truly unstoppable force, of the likes no entity has ever seen."

That is what I would say, given the chance to create something of the like. 

This is not an END-ALL, BE-ALL, force, or entity.

This is also not a being that can be destroyed, or even affected by any of the entities here.

Not even Bongus.

It represents you.

A being that transcends reality, a person who can take the very existance of hyper-powerful entities, and crush it with their iron fist.

This is meant to be a page describing omnipotence. A page trying to take all of this chaos and make sense of it all, attempting to explain to beings such as the likes of it to REAL meaning of omnipotence. It is not something that can be opposed. It is not even something that can be approached to.

This is the meaning of True Omnipotence.

But they move on, uncapsulated by mere words or definition. 

You can say that there are things more powerful than this, and I will oblige, there may be.

But just know, that to say such of the likes of that is to submit to your own power, and become lesser than something less than real.

This such ends my rant to this post, that I reallreallyreallywantedtosaybecausethiswikiiskindafullofspamandIAMDEFINITELYNOTJOKINGNOPEDEFINITELYAJOKEANDDEFINITELYTOTTALYREALDEFINITELY (definitely not a joke, totally)