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A rock and a ruby.

The mines of slavery are infinite mines ruled over by a powerful being known as Ayzyen, who picks up innocent creatures, such as omni-gods, and takes them to the mines of slavery, and, as the name suggests, uses them as his slaves. Ayzyen uses minions known as azens.


BSM2M image!

A sandy section of the mines of slavery. (The BSM2M ceramic bloon/slave is about to die)

The mines of slavery are an endless underground mine, as the name suggests, but it mostly is a straight line, with some paths leading off of this straight line but lead to a dead end, some of which have giant spider webs im them. Through the middle is a large, infinitely deep underground “canyon”. The Canyon has many ledges that slaves tend to have to work on, however many slaves work above The Canyon or in the dead-end paths mentioned above, too. There are some giant (1,000,000 lightyears) gems here. These gems are, well, 75% of the time they are rubies, 20% emeralds, 4.5% diamonds, 0.45% alexandrite, and 0.05% tanzanite. There is about 1 gem every 1,000,000,000 lightyears. If you somehow reach the bottom of The Canyon even though there is no bottom, you will find a bunch of flowing lava. The Canyon’s “bottom” was discovered by Creepervilesavior before he escaped. this flowing lava can be seen not inside the bottom of The Canyon, as a 1,000,000-75 trillion ly pool of this lava can be found about every 4 quadrillion ly. This lava is deadlier than normal lava, as it is 1,000,000x as hot. The rocks and gems in the mines of slavery are immune to this lava. Azens are not immune to the lava, but Ayzyen is. Other than The Canyon, the slave’s hut things are above The Canyon. Sometimes, near the slaves’ huts, you can find small junkyard areas containing a bunch of junk that usually doesn’t work anymore, but you can also find egg.


BSM2M image.

An azen with a balloon inside it for some reason. It is located in the mines of slavery.

Nobody who has been trapped in the mines of slavery has ever escaped, other than Creepervilesavior, who killed the Ayzyen in the the mines of slavery he was transported to. Yes, there are multiple the mines of slaveries. nobody here has ever hidden from Ayzyen or his azens for more than 2 months. Each azen has the power of Chunky Cheese^an azen, thus making each azen stronger than itself, causing a paradox (lol). Anyways, Ayzyen has the strength of... Well... lets just say that comparing an azen to Ayzyen is like comparing a Dave to an azen. The life already living here is mostly microorganisms or giant spiders that come out at night and eat the slaves, and these giant spiders cause the slaves to, at night, put up extreme protection. Also, the slaves usually are an advanced community who work together to make being trapped in the mines of slavery less miserable. Also, escaping the mines of slavery is possible, even for a weak entity like a human, it’s just absurdly difficult and has never been done before (unless you count Creepervilesavior as a human, but let's be honest, he’s way beyond that at this point!). Eventually, Creepervilesavior transformed into Fuzzo the fuzzy bee. Ayzyen is made of … azen materials while azens are made of pewp.

Azen elites

The Azen elites are more dangerous than normal Azens. They are (on average) 1.5x as fast, 2x as smart, have 1.5x better eyesight, have 2.5x resilience, are 2x more harmful, are 1.25x as large, 2x as good at dodging, and have 3x better reaction times. About 1 in every 300 Azens are elites.

Notable escape attempts

Many people have tried to escape. Only one was successful, and it was Fuzzo the fuzzy bee (was Creepervilesavior at the time), as Fuzzo killed the ayzyen in the mines.

Attempt 1: through the wall

A humanoid entity attempted to mine through the wall until he escaped. Of course, he eventually dug into some lava and died.

Attempt 2: through glitching

A lesser omni-god used Glitchonicite to escape. However, an azen caught him. He managed to glitch the azen out of existence by generating more glitchonicite, but in the process he glitched himself into the cave of a giant spider, where he got eaten.

Attempt 3: through killing Ayzyen

A higher omni-god heard of Creepervilesavior’s escape, so he searched for the Ayzyen. Eventually he found Ayzyen, but Ayzyen (obviously) killed him. Do I need to say more?

Attempt 4: through gas

A lesser omni-god used gas Toxicium to get through the walls. He was killed by a elite group of Azens for how dangerous of an act it was.

Attempt 5: through drilling

A humanoid entity attempted to make a drill and mine through the mines, but got found by an azen elite and died.

Attempt 6: through noclipping

A lesser normal god tried to noclip through the wall but got killed by azyzen.


The mines of slavery are known to have many viruses in them. Some are deadly, some are not. There is one virus known as slavesleeper, one of the most common viruses here. Slavesleeper is a virus that likes to infect slaves, making them extremely tired. They usually end up not being able to do their work and get terminated by an azen. Another common virus here is the gravedigger virus, often found on gems or near the lava or at least 1 heptillion ly down the canyon. It is a deadly virus that spreads fairly quickly; early symptoms include sneezing, coughing, runny nose, a cold, and fevers. After that, stage 2 of the symptoms after about 7 earth hours include struggle breathing, swollen body parts, hives, the flu, and sleepiness. After 1.2 earth days, stage 3 is entered, where you get nausea, blindness, deafness, and can die. Another virus here is COVD20, which is identical to 2020’s COVD19 that happened during the pandemic, except catching COVD20 is like catching 100 COVD19s at once. Thankfully COVD20 is pretty rare. Also, of giant spiders seem to carry the plague. Another virus here is the evirus, which is fairly rare, but it is deadly, having the effects of 4 gravedigger viruses, 3 COVID20s, every type of plague, and 6 slavesleepers.

The monster

There have been reports of an OP monster going around and killing many, many slaves. There are usually 4 per mines of slavery, and they eat giant spiders. Even Ayzyen cannot kill them, despite technically being stronger. They are true slave eaters that, when they attack (usually during the day), trillions of slaves die. The highest amount pf monsters in a single mine is 34. They shut down the entire verse and destroyed it until it got destroyed.

Ayzyen vs. other strong gods

Bongus is killed within a few seconds.

Chunky Cheese is killed within 2 or 3 minutes.

The hyper void lord, when it still existed, would annihilate Ayzyen.

Furret is killed.

The infinite madness is defeated without too much trouble.

QWERTY dies to death within half of a second.

The Seeker can obliterate Ayzyen just by thinking about him.

Gerald can also obliterate Ayzyen just as easily.

Dunkey Kong can obliterate Ayzyen even more easily.

Uber Uber will be obliterated in just a few planck times, as he is weak.

The night terror would have gotten obliterated easily, but since its power buff, the night terror can destroy ayzyen, but it is still possible for ayzyen to win. They wouldn’t fight anyway because they are friends.

giant spiders and azens are killed instantly, though the azens are weaker.

Uber is a slave here currently. And then died. o o f.

the devourer king from Devourerverse is destroyed in a negative amount of time.

The Multi Omega is destroyed in a few hours.

THE CREATOR is pretty much equal in strength to Ayzyen.

The Seeker can DESTROY Ayzyen easily.

Vood'Em is ouched.

The strange writing

Ayzyen... I found your head... It is in my favorite bomb... Why am I writing this... Whatever, just as you promised, Ayzyen... My thumbs are safe... I will hide the prism within the depths of the vault... Nobody will find it... We will protect it... I hope you won’t be stuck in the endless walmart too much longer... I am currently falling through a p i t ., so yeah... I hope Dunkey Kong doesn’t kill me... I will return with your sixteenth head shortly... However, I was unable to cook the eggs... Looks like we can’t get the utilibots to become slaves... Thank goodness BEAN MAN BUT AWESOME is stuck in The Gatus... However, grandmaster, I have found a problem... They found out that I was the impostor... (writing starts to become hard to read) I am writing this while falling through p i t ., so it’s kinda hard... Oh, dear Ayzyen, how did you become so much more powerful than me? Please, have a very nice day...

~sincerely, Ayzyen’s mom

Misc. facts

  • 1 day here is 120 earth days.
    • it is confusing as to how days work here, as there is no sun.
  • The spiders are most common at the equivalent of 11:00 PM to 1:00 AM, but to be safe, the people trapped here rush to safety at about 9:30 PM and stay until about 4:00 AM.
  • Ayzyen is commonly misspelled as Azyen or Azyzen.
  • Ayzyen is pretty young, at only years old.
  • Ayzyen is not too lazy to do the work himself; he just likes forced labor.
  • About 2% of all possible-to-transport-and-use-as-a-slave-in-the-mines-of-slavery entities are brought to the mines of slavery.
  • 45% of people‘s deaths here are from giant spiders; 10% is An azen, 15% is falling, 5% is lava, 5% is a monster, 4% is from Ayzyen, 15% is from a virus, and 0.999% is from... suicide. The other 0.001% is from people killing each other.
  • Azen is Ayzyen without the Ys, if it wasn’t obvious enough already.
  • You cannot die from old age here.
  • Giant spiders have a natural lifespan of 45 billion earth years.
  • Giant spider babies are about 500,000 ly. Full-grown giant spiders are about 70,000,000 ly.
    • The biggest giant spider ever seen here was 275,000,000 ly.
      • UPDATE: a bigger giant spider was found, it was 314,275,000 ly.
        • UPDATE #2: an even bigger giant spider was found. It had a size of 325,725,000 ly.
  • Sometimes, when Ayzyen gets angry he makes the spiders slaves because they kill his slaves. This happened to 0.02% of spiders.
  • The longest surviving person ever to be here that has died so far used to be this one guy who lived for 13,726 earth years, and then was eaten by a giant spider.
    • The new record holder lived for 2 OYC somehow by just slaving and going to safety at 7:00 PM to 8:00 AM to hide from giant spiders. His name is uber. He was killed by an azen for killing some of the slaves.
  • The rarity of an azen was about 1 azen seen every 5,000,000,000 ly, but Ayzyen created more. Now you can find one every 5,000,000 ly.
    • Ayzyen created even more of them now, and now there is one every 2,000,000 ly.
  • Azens can see 2 trillion miles. they have been upgraded to see 3 trillion miles.
  • The day and night is weird here because there is no sun. You can tell the time via rare rusted clocks or by the brightness of the verse.
  • Ayzyen sleeps from noon to 4:00. Azens sleep every 5 days from 11:30 to 12:30. Giant spiders sleep during the day.
  • Ayzyen sometimes kills azens who fail to catch somebody who tries to escape.
  • Currently, there are 2 azens who are slaves. Wait, what?
  • This is a reference to one of the areas in roblox egg hunt: the great yolktales.
  • Ayzyen can destroy o r b.
    • This would take him a few OYC to do so.
    • It is unknown how this is possible for a being as “weak” as ayzyen.
  • There is a portal to the mines of slavery inside The Sphere.
  • Currently, 4 Yetmmuds and 1 Vowoez are slaves here. It is unknown how ayzyen got them, as they are from the second realm. PLEASE NOTE: don’t follow ANY links further from Vowoez or you will get terrified beyond belief. You can follow the cataclysm link thing, though.
    • It’s likely that he got them from that one verse where second realm creatures can be found.
    • It’s also theorized that Ayzyen knows how to use The Wheel.
    • It is also possible that ayzyen just has realm-teleporting powers.
      • Again, it is unknown how would do this because his strength doesn’t seem like he should be able to do that.
  • One of the Enigmata 2: Genu’s Revenge enemies is a slave here. We forgot which one.
  • apples are ayzyen’s favorite food in most realities, some have him love B A N A N A
  • Ayzyen tastes pretty odd.
    • What?