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The Multi Omega controls the Omegaversal Complex and everything inside of it. The Multi Omega is made out of a few of these verses and lives in his home, The Omni Home. They were made at the near beginning of reality by their mother, Klipto.


The Multi omega has ABSURD amounts of power. For example, Real People (which have insane amounts of power, exceeding even TDOG) can only move 0.00001% of this entities speed even with an Omegarocket powered by Omega Black Holes, and can only punch a hole through a wall in The Omni Computer Room at peak strength, but the multi omega can instantly crush an entire Omegaversal Complex with the squishing of his hand.

Strive for the absolute omega

The Multi Omega wants to be the highest tier omega there is, exceeding any other thing with the prefix "Omega". He mainly wants to do this for a few reasons. He's bored and he just wants power. Here are some ways he came close to it a few times.

Attempt 1

The Multi Omega's first attempt at gaining absolute omega power was by absorbing the power of one of the Omegaversal Complexes. Since he was only universal at the time, he almost completely evaporated, and now has Omniternal scars on him from all of the power being absorbed at once. He has mantained this size for awhile until attempt 2.

Attempt 2

The Multi Omega absorbed a few million more Omegaversal Complexes, but couldn't get past his home, The Omni Home, as The Omni Home constantly grows to match the biggest entities size. This is currently where the entity is stuck at, but it has broken a wall in The Omni Home before, giving The Omni Home a minor sign of weakness.

Where they are at (now that The Omni Home has been destroyed)

As of now, The Multi Omega rules over whatever the largest non ordinal number sequence is in the Ultimate Continuum, and can't grow bigger since there's a barrier around it that no one can destroy.