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The Near Everything (Thene) is a large majority-wise empty structure, with a capital and lowercase omega imprint on its exterior.

The Near Everything is a prime example of law gradiency, as the structure has naturally-formed strict gradients that disect it into many parts.

Inside of The Near Everything are many shapes floating around, bouncing off eachother and off the edge without losing any momentum. When one of these shapes crosses a law gradient, it can be seen transitioning from its current shape to another.

The shape's Schläfli symbol will have its 3 digits randomized. The most likely outputs are between 3-10, others get exponentially rarer.

These shapes are made out of the quantum foam equivalent of the laws that guide The Near Everything.

The shapes can only exist under the laws of The Near Everything, anything else, even if very slightly modified, will make them disapear. For a long time, it was unknown how slight the discrepency between differing laws had to be, in order for the shapes to still exist.

In 230 OYC, the Tbanlek tribe proved the discrepency had to be small enough to not affect the average Universe (by "affect" it is meant that, throughout its lifetime, the verse behaves as expected).

3 OYC later (233 OYC), the Gpanhut civilization, through a collective effort, proved that the discrepency couldn't affect any Universe or Multiverse, as well as any Metaverse with a dimension of .

2 OYC later (235 OYC), a team of scientists at LSPHNL laboratory proved, that a discrepency exists. Until then, this was still unproven. Not even half an OYC later, independent institutes expanded on the work of the Gpanhut and the LSPHNL, to find upper and lower bounds on the discrepency, as well as the fact, that the majority of Xenoverses would be majorly affected by the change in laws.

236 OYC, the discrepency was pin pointed and accurately described in a converging series.

This hunt to find the exact possible difference some random shapes could withstand in laws was not fruitless, however, as it brought a lot of important insight into how objects work under differing laws and what small changes inevitably cause the butterfly effect.

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