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The Nugget is a large mishmash of various upgraded versions of well-known materials, except they taste infinitely better, which is very stable but weird. It also takes the shape of a chicken nugget, and looks like one from the outside as well. Before getting to that, there is a very important note. This structure is surrounded by a large layer of unknown meat, although hired Omni-god explorers say it "...tastes like snake, but better." This is relatively thin, too, at about 10,985 LY of snake nugget, with 100 LY being breading. It is also fully cooked. Final Absolutes litter the surface in medium density as well.

The Nugget also has a large amount of planets orbiting it, and they all are warm and habitable thanks to superheated deep frying oil moons spreading heat. One last note before the minerals, this is one of the few 7th class and above verses to have a unique guardian for every nugget, and their name is Kicken.

Now, onto the various aforementioned materials, they are seen randomly throughout The Nugget and are of very high importance.



Diamantidite is one of the more famous Nugget materials, being a direct upgrade to diamond thanks to it being made of Ammonite Carbonate as opposed to Carbon. Diamantidite is used in necklaces and other expensive wares due to its bright, vibrant color varieties on every end of the spectrum. It is also often used as ammunition and armor because of its lightness and toughness all in one, making it all the more useful. It even inspired one of the most popular videogames in the local SuperBox, Dire Diamantidite Drilling. However, it tastes like power and amazing things that are modified to fit what you like to eat.


Goldunum is not as tough as Diamantidite, but is also very expensive like its above cousin being used is pricey cosmetics. It is also heavier than gold, making a Goldunum necklace double as a neck-weight. Of course, like its counterpart, it is easily bent and scratched, however regular gold is still about 10x as weak as this "tough" stuff. It tastes like butter, but better.


As the name and context applies, Plutonanium is a radioactive substance with a large energy potential and a very good property... Its radiation pases by genetics without a second effect! Living organisms don't have to fear this new so-called Aleph Radiation and jobs in Plutonanium reactors are common in Nugget-level societies. It also has close to infinite energy, an entire multiverse can run on one milligram of this! It’s edible though, and tastes very good.

And there are far more! (Hint: this means add whatever as long as it is an upgraded material and tastes good.)

Other Unique Properties

  • Property 1: Almost every single planet surrounding The Nugget has birds on it, most commonly birds of prey and chickens.
  • Property 2: Physics here is exactly like in the standard Universe listed on the wiki.
  • Property 3: Squirrels made of goo inhabit any planets not inhabited by birds.
  • Property 4: Some planets have birds and goo squirrels. This is rare.