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TORS is a ripoff of The Slate that is so obvious that it makes you facepalm. It clears much more often, clearing every 18,446,744,073,709,552 OYC.

Structure and what it is made out of

TORS is flat just like the slate. The amount of thicc chonk here is about 2 LY, so it’s somehow even thinner than the slate. It’s literally just made out of Primordium Sigma, but that means you probably shouldn’t try to destroy it because of the karma-ness of the sigma particle.

TORS doesn’t have hierarchies, so it’s much more lame than The Slate.

Events and stuff

All the events here are things that are ripoffs of the events on the slate.

  • Every 18,446,744,073,709,552 OYC, everything is erased.
  • Every 4 OYC, a valuable mining resource verse will appear. It has a TV in it that, whenever turned on, rickrolls the viewer.
  • Every 72 OYC, a helpful cosmic entity will appear, and the location will most likely be near the middle. The entity can give civilizations items and help them out before erasure, but the entity has been known to betray you, so he can’t truly be trusted.
  • Every 1.6 OYC, TORS will project Puffish writing onto the walls of The Room. It says “apple pie”.
  • Every 321 OYC, a lot of water is dumped onto TORS over 0.27 nanoseconds. There is 3x as much water as the one from the event on the slate, and the water is similar, also being a mixture of salt water and fresh water. However, this water changes its state of matter very easily, unlike the slate’s version.
  • Every 427 OYC, TORS will create a verse that will float out of it and onto the walls. The created verse can be the verse from the event every 4 OYC, a much smaller version of DDonut, or an area that generates omniverses. They explode into primordium omega and primordium sigma (not a combination) after 1472 OYC.
  • Every 17,259,927 OYC, TORS will spew blueprint particles everywhere, releasing enough per 0.0001/1000 of a planck time to generate 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 cetaverses. This event lasts for 7 hours. Very rarely (about twice every time it does this event), it’ll release that one particle that have almost no clones of it in existence because they all turned into blueprint particles.