The Octagon Is A Verse Which Contains The Octahedron And Is Contained By The Alternate

It Is Habitable And Has Alot Of Things In It, Such As Dark Matter And Etc

Its Story

Around -12e+90876 Bc The Octagon Was Created After The Hyper Bang Happened, It Only Had Dark Matter And Dark Energy

305,783 Years Later It Gained Its First Black Holes, The Smallest Ones Didnt Survive For Long, Though

A Lot Of Years Later The Biggest Black Hole Collapsed And Cause A Lighter Version Of The Hyper Bang, Creating The Octahedron On The Middle Of The Octagon

35,009 Years Later The Octahedron Created Its Own Version Of Time, And The Octagon Created Rocks (Somehow), And 56 Years Later The Rocks Collided, Making Planets And Asteroids

897,000 Years Later There Were 65,000 Planets So Far, The Greatern And Many Others Also Got Hit By A Bunch Of Asteroids, Which Gave The Greatern Water

989 Years Later The Planets Started Colliding, Making Many Moons On The Process

9 Years Later The Planet Crisis Started, All Planets That Had Life On It (Even On The Simplest Form) Were Mysteriously Losing Resources, Only Planets Like The Greatern Were Able To Survive

The Planet Crisis Lasted Until The Birth Of Our Universe, And Then The Octagon Remained In Peace And On The Way It Was Forever


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It Has Many Planets With Many Populations, Some Will Be Shown Now

Name Of The Planet Kardashev Scale Size Hours Per Day Color Solar System Notes
Greatern 9.7 98.873 Kilometers 27.5 Purple The Zoxar System A Planet With A Caring Civilization That Never Has Wars And Cares About Its Enviroment
Kruor 2.3 37.423 Kilometers 34.9 Gray The Zoxar System A Planet With A Civilization That Always Has Wars And Hates The Greatern
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