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This page is meant to be a hierarchy for all the Cosmic entities on the AD wiki. The weakest entities are listed at the top, while the strongest ones being at the bottom. Each group of Cosmic entities are divided into their own classes as well.


  • (?) (space after name) = Have a questionable place in the hierarchy, and might be moved soon.
  • (X) (space after name) = Have been killed/destroyed
  • (JAILED) (space after name) = Have been imprisoned, or at least stuck in a small space. This could be either imprisoned by other cosmic entities, or because they are trapped from the beginning.

W.E.N.D.s (see this)

Negative/Null-Sized Life

Microscopic Life

Multicellular Life

  • Plant
  • Scalene
  • Fungus
  • Most herbivores
  • Most omnivores
  • Most carnivores
  • Human, Stealbot (regular type), Jerry Lassa (Post-chapter 2)
  • Elephant




Beyond The Box

Beyond The Official Hierarchy*


Beyond Alphasm***

Below Third Everything Layer

Above or on Third Everything Layer

Above or on Fourth everything layer

Above 7th layer

Above 12th layer

Above 28th layer

Nigh Post-Spacial (few limits when it comes to containment/size)****

Post-Spacial (no limits when it comes to containment/size)


  • Dice Rabbit
  • Doom Rabbit
  • MIPS Rabbit

Outside of the Wiki*****

(hierarchy loops here, you can keep climbing from humans back to the top over and over again but also including much stronger pre-human entities and verses)

Misc. or Unclassifiable (order does not matter here)

*To be beyond the official hierachy you need to be class 6+

**To be beyond THE EXTENDED HIERACHY you need to be class 10+

***To be beyond Alphasm himself you need to be class 15+

****To be nigh post spacial you will need to break logic itself

*****To be outside of the wiki you need to be a editor in real life