This page is meant to be a hierarchy for Cosmic entities on the AD wiki. The strongest entities are listed at the top, with the weakest ones being at the bottom. Each group of Cosmic entities are divided into their own classes as well.

All cosmic entities with an asterisk are still debated to be truly canon.

Misc. or Unclassifiable (order does not matter here)

Class ∅ (Outside of the Wiki)

Class 0 (Nigh Boundless)

Ascendent Omni-Gods

Indescribably Powerful

Class 1 (Post-Boxial)

Insanely Powerful

Extremely Powerful

Class 2 (Pre-Box)

Very Powerful

Class 3 (Pre-Omniverse)


Class 4 (Pre-Universe)

Relatively Powerful

Class 5 (Multicellular Life)

Relatively Weak

  • Human
  • Most carnivores
  • Most omnivores
  • Most herbivores
  • Fungus
  • Plant

Class 6 (Microscopic Life)


Class 7 (Negative-Sized Life)

Very Weak

Class 8 (Below Negative-Sized Life)

Extremely Weak

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