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Size: 4 Omnipyramids

The Omnimarble is an infinite marble that contains the Omnipyramid on its top.

It is made out of the 2401st element (Hemrium), which makes it immensely heavy, causing it to not be able to roll over.

The Omnipyramid is gravitationally pulled down to the Omnimarble, making it also stuck in position.

This property is shared by all other bodies in this chain, except for the Omnipyramid, which relies on The Box's weight, balance and inability to come into contact with 0 - 70 dimensional bodies.


Size: 6 Omnimarbles

The Omnipi is a giant symbol of the greek letter (pi).

Its flat top is used to hold the Omnimarble steady and stable.

It is made out of 3 elements: Emmenium (651st), Pramium (782nd) and Klantannium (1444th).

The top is made out of Emmenium, which has an extremely strong gravitational force, so much so, that it would destroy any nearing object. This is remedied by a 1 atom coating of Pramium, which has the opposite effect, but much stronger, thus, the 1 atom layer subdues the Emmenium into regulable conditions.

The Klantannium is in the legs, which causes the whole structure to freeze in place, due to the property of lack of mobility of each Klantannium atom adding up exponentially.


Size: 55,004 Omnipis

The Omnifish is an extremely big fish, more precisely a salmon made out of Chernobyllium (element 2 147 483 648). It is alive, and swims through the voids of the Omniwater. Its cells are made out of Omnipis, and if the fish measured 100cm, 1 Omnipi would be μm.


Size: 13 Omnifishes

The Omninfinity is a leminscate object that has the Omnifish laying on one of its bumps.

It is made out of Pragomun (4011th element), which has a calm texture, which is a perfect resting spot for the Omnifish.

The Omnifish, unlike underwater fish, doesn't need water to live.

The Omnifish is a highly respected being, due to its wisdom, knowledge, age and selflessness.


Size: 20 Omninfinities

The Omniyam is an infinite yam that holds the Omninfinity close to its stem.

It is made out of organic material, similiar to a normal yam.

The yam is edible, and many civilizations use the Omniyam to import edible materials into their planets.

Multiple civilizations also exist on the Omniyam, using their ground as a food source.

This doesn't impact the Omniyam whatsoever, due to the Omniyam's size.


Size: 45 Omniyams

The Omnitree is a tree that holds the Omniyam on one of its stems, which is located near the center.

There is a large area around the Omniyam, approximately 3 times larger than the Omniyam, that is empty, giving way for incoming beings to enter and exit.

The Omnitree acts also as a sort of barrier, a shield for the chain, ending in The Box.

Any attempted instances of attack on The Box have failed, as the Omnitree's leaves (Omnileaves) are opperated by the microbes living and making up them, thus, being able to fight off any predators easily with joint group effort.

(image is of a black and white interpretation)


Size: 60 Omnitrees

The Omniceberg is an infinite iceberg that has the Omnitree growing out of its peak and the Omnimountain sticking out of its side.

The iceberg is made out of Gremimium (992nd element), which acts like an insulator, and can keeps its cold temperature indefinitely.

The Omniceberg is only 1 kelvin, it has held this temperature since its creation.

At the bottom of the Omniceberg, temperatures reach 3 kelvin. The center is the coldest, at 0.02 kelvin.


Omniwater is a verse in which it's boundaries are maleable, that means, they can bend, but it's volume is always the same. It is made out of H2OTr, a liquid that contains Tr, the 371th element (Transiterium). The Omnifishes can breathe it.

Size: 512,001 Omnifishes


A mountain that is beyond space-time, this structure is a basic pyramid. It supports the foundations of all

things lower than Omniwater and betrays the ones above it. However, nothing can go to it. Not even the spaceship we built to withstand space-time corruption. But, there is one way to overcome this, and that is going to Omnifish.

Only then you can go higher into the voids....

Size: 10 Omniwaters