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The Omnifrick is a large Vsauian Space that contains The Gatus, the surrounding Vsauian objects, and Fricknia. It is a special case among Vsauian spaces due to its creation.

Special Properties

After BEAN MAN BUT AWESOME destroyed the original Vsauian space where the Omnifrick was located, a group of Fricknias drifted into the area. When the Omnifrick was reformed and BEAN MAN BUT AWESOME was sealed, the verses stayed in the same space and were not destroyed. This causes some properties not normally exhibited in a Vsauian space.

Inside the Fricknias, typical, non-Vsauian dimensionality rules are exhibited. Consequently, escaping the Fricknias is nearly impossible. Entities that are capable of traveling through the Fricknian and Vsauian spaces of the Omnifrick are called Vsauian Entities. Vsauian entities are extremely powerful, and sometimes nearly omnipotent, compared to the Fricknian entities.