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  • The One True God is the absolutely immortal true monotheistic God who reigns supreme over simply everything and is also the real one true creator of it all. He is absolutely omnipotent (within The Box).


The whole purpose of creation is to search for a means to know the true purpose of why The One True God has created everything. Mortals still look at it from a very humane perspective and try to apply their small perception of existence onto the subject, they also try to apply their emotions to an absolutely omnipotent entity such as loneliness, boredom, or whatever story one tries to come up with. The mere mortal imagination shall never know the full meaning of an entity with such superiority. The One True God is beyond the meager concept of emotion.

The first entities ever created were The Aspect Lords who rule over every part of The Box, which was also forged by TOTG, that could be defined over their rule. These aspect lords were also made very powerful, one step away from TOTG at their true potential. These aspect lords quickly shaped The Box how it is today. The parts that weren't put together by The Aspect Lords were created under other means. Occasionally, TOTG has made things himself.

The Box is a small spark compared to The One True God. Every infinite upon infinite variation of existence, viewed from the outside, which could be put out instantly, like a child waking up from a dream or a candle being blown out. Thankfully, TOTG does not find solace in removing creation. (which would take no effort from his perspective.)

Power Of The One True God

The One True God's power is almighty, seeing as his power has absolutely no limits. TOTG is so powerful, that he can literally create concepts above infinity and already be infinitely, or beyond infinitely beyond those concepts. True omnipotence can be defined, but cannot be surpassed in any form of fictional feats, except Author Authority.


Some believe that even though The One True God has no limits, he can't escape The Box, this isn't true. Absolute omnipotent entities have literally no fictional limits, which creates many paradoxes. Can an omnipotent beat himself in an arm wrestle? Yes. Can it lift a weight heavier than he can lift? Yes. Anything is well within the realm of possibility if one wields true omnipotence, no matter the form of logic, or reasoning, including ignoring, surpassing, or completely annihilating the laws of the box.


Currently, The One True God currently resides outside the box, watching over what he has created, seeing what creator gods and hyper-powerful entities will do to change it, and to see if he has a reason to finally show himself, which can possibly happen soon since the conflict between The Infinite Madness and The Aspect Lords has been leaking over into smaller -verses. Unfortunately, an infinite number of aspect lords have already attempted to search for a higher power than themselves.

The truth

he is not that powerful.