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The Orb is the fundamental element of the Uncannyverse. Without The Orb, the Uncannyverse would be impossible.

The Orb is made of multiple layers.

Layer Name Property State
Blue Marble A part made of liquid nitrogen to keep Silico in place. This is the main part and what gave The Orb its name.

The Blue Marble itself has a white crust, which is a way of holding the nitrogen.

The Blue Marble has a very strong gravitational pull which allows The Orb to stay together. However, the Blue Marble is very fragile, so the Outer Core is necessary.

Outer Core This part is the "protector" of the Blue Marble. Since the Grack Hole gives so much pressure, the Blue Marble would not stay up. This layer protects it. Solid
Grack Hole The grey area outside the Outer Core. It is required material for The Orb, but it presses a lot due to the Blue Marble's gravity, so if the Outer Core wasn't there, The Orb would collapse instantly. Solid
Crust This part is simply a container for the rest of The Orb. It doesn't have much of a purpose, but it exists. Gas
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