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The Other Box is an extension to The Box created by Axexurukk.

Whereas, The Box contains everything of existence rank 0 and 1 (2-finality), The Other Box contains everything of existence rank 0, 1 and -1 (symmetric 2-finality).

The Other Box is notably larger than The Box, with the abundance of sub-nonexistent objects roaming the place.

Most of the existence-(-1) objects here are normal and can co-exist with eachother in mass. But the larger naturaly made things are located distant from the closest of its neighbour. This is because, as an existence-(-1) is bigger and bigger, an existence-(-2) icosahedron builds up around it and becomes exponentially larger as the object becomes larger. These icosahedra can't collide with each other, as the closer they get to each other, the more repulsed they are, like electrons.

These icosahedra pose no danger to existence-(-2) creatures travelling amongst them, and just act like barriers. Existence-(-1) travellers can't interact with them and use them to their advantage for open space.

Because of the increasing distances between larger celestial objects, The Other Box is much larger than it would be normally, if these existence-(-2) icosahedra didn't exist.