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The Outer World is a massive, fractal-like dimension that so far has not been observed very closely by creatures inside The Rainbow Plain.

It has completely alien laws, with many things making little to no sense when compared to objects inside The Rainbow Plain. This has made studying The Outer World extremely hard.

The image shows a presumed image of The Outer World. The Outer / Other World is contained by the Bloody eye.


Due to it's strange laws, not many entities have explored it. But there has been one exploration by The Eplagians.

The exploration was done by Enǟkallē Zvunÿru. Here is what he documented while exploring (it's impossible to take a picture of anything in this verse, and he wasn't able to gather enough data to create a picture because he was in a hurry):

There seems to be strange blobs of black slime floating around. It also seems to be being held together by glowing rods. I see something - what's that - I'M LEAVING.