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The Out is a huge verse containing a sizable portion of The Box. It is a bustling metropolis at the center, but

an infinite barren void filled with alien creatures in the faraway portions of it.


The Out is divided into 3 sections: The center, the Border, and the Void. Each of these sections have their own defining characteristics, i.e. The center is dense, the Border is relatively unpopulated, and the Void is empty with anomalous creatures.

The Center

The center of The Out is where almost all the life in The Out is at, and is home to many different, and equally prosperous civilizations. This section is the most dense, and is also the most populated. Each of the 3 subsections of The Center are very diverse, and all specialize in different areas, such as transportation, math and science, and tourism.


Hughigyughi is a huge complex composed of hundreds of artificial Omniverses, and is mostly controlled by Hugghiguyughiyuguhians. This section is very dense, and has been the birthplace of many famous scientists and mathematicians, such as Hggyhi'gu, who found structures that do not fall into the categories of "existing" or "nonexisting".


Aanqq is the second area composing The Center, and is the richest section out of all the other subsections. It has been a leader in transportation, and is constantly inventing new transportation methods. This area is also shared between many cooperative civilizations.


Vggallp is the third subsection of The Center, and is the least rich section of them all. Even though this section is the least advanced and rich section out of all the other sections, Vggallp attracts the most visitors, due to its very diverse verses. This section is well known for its specialization in tourism, and is also shared between 4 civilizations, all of which are cooperative to each other.

The Border

The Border is the second area that makes up the entirety of The Out, and is a lot less populated than The Center. Most of The Border is just empty space, with occasional planets, verses, and settlements.

This area is also a transition between The Center and The Void areas of The Out.

The Void

This area is the biggest area, and makes up more than 99.99% of The Out. This area is very dangerous, and unknown creatures roam its depths. This area has also been virtually untouched by any civilization, and all life is extremely sparse.


The creatures in The Void area are very unknown, and have only been seen at least 45 times. Eyewitness accounts describe them as "completely black and faceless creatures with a strange desire to corrupt everything it sees."

Here are some notable creatures that have been found.

Number Description Date Found
#1 This creature appeared to be a sentient black blob composed of an unknown and extremely corruptive substance. It has the ability to corrupt matter, energy, and even empty space with the black substance that it is made out of. All attempts to communicate with it have either resulted in no response, or violent outbursts, in which the creature tries to spreads the black substance everywhere, causing many deaths. 67 OYC
#5 This creature was the first creature found to communicate with other life. However, the language that the creature speaks in is unknown, and has currently been found to be almost indecipherable. The creature resembles a humanoid figure, albeit with extremely disfigured limbs. 782 OYC
#38 This creature was the first creature to be nice and helpful to other life. When explorers first found it, it guided them across the entire Void area, and showed them many strange structures, planets, and other creatures. 9236 OYC

Structures Inside of The Void Area

Other than black, faceless creatures, The Void area of The Out also has many structures with currently unknown purposes. Many of these structures seem to be temples for mysterious deities, and it is still unknown who goes to these temples.

Here are a few notable structures found.

Number Description Assumed usage Date found
#1 This was the first structure to be found, and resembled a restaurant of sorts. However, all of the "food" was space rock, and further investigation of the structure proved that it was actually a temple of sorts. Writing has been carved on one side of the structure, and it is still unknown what it says. Temple 6728 OYC
#3 This structure was the first star harvester to be found. This structure is extremely odd and out of place, since there are no stars in The Void area. Again, writing has been carved on many sides of the structure, and currently no one can read it. Star Harvester(?) 7829 OYC
#7 This structure was the first structure discovered to have creatures actively using it. This structure seems to have the most carved writing, and is confirmed to be a temple of sorts. It seems that only one god is worshipped here, and it is called "Xzaaggp" by the creatures using it. Many carved pictures have also been found, possibly depicting Xzaaggp. Temple 9917 OYC