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The oven is a theoretical, unproven object that theoretically contains and ends The Loop.

Temperature & Effects on The Loop

The oven has a temperature that somehow surpasses the Infi-bit integer limit, which is degrees Celsius. Apparently, The temperature didn't overflow the infi-bit integer system for itself, but it would be a valid explanation for why The Loop's temperature goes below absolute zero.


The size of The Loop to The Oven is theoretically a much bigger jump than any other jump in The Official Hierarchy as it is the end of the loops (theoretically), and contains every Loop.

Outside of it

There's a theoretical abstract wave, made entirely from Omni-Lava, that people theorize exists outside of The Oven. They think that the Omni-Lava wave is responsible for all type's of heat in the Omni-Cave and everything inside of it.