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The Pencil is a very big structure located on The Table. It can create new verses by drawing them on The Paper. The Metareality-Web is connected to The Pencil. In fact, the eraser on the other end of The Pencil is The Eraser that keeps things from getting outside the Metareality-Web.

The Pencil has a few special properties.

  1. The tip can never become dull. The tip is also sharpened EXTREMELY well.
  2. The eraser at the other end of The Pencil can also never get rubbed away. The rubber that it is made out of is extremely good at erasing. One touch and the graphite is gone in a flash.
  3. The Pencil has many living creatures inside of it. One species, The Woodeaters, like to eat the wood inside of the Pencil. Other species such as the Enlectrons try to keep the Woodeater population down by blasting them with high-energy plasma beams. This usually works, but sometimes it burns through the wood straight to the inner graphite, causing a LOT of problems.


First Layer

The first layer is the paint that covers the entire Pencil, except for the graphite tip and The Eraser. This paint protects The Pencil from outside threats, such as occasional corrupted verses that can corrupt The Pencil and extremely corrosive elements such as toxicium. The paint is made up of Primordium Delta packed extremely close together, protecting the vulnerable inner layer of wood from getting destroyed. The paint, of course, doesn't protect against the threats inside, such as the Woodeaters.

Second Layer

The second layer is the wood layer. The wood is quite normal. It is just wood from all over the entire Table and some wood from scattered TREEVERSES and some wood was just there for as long as anyone can remember. That wood might've come from the rest of The Room, the seemingly endless structure that contains The Table.

Third Layer

The third layer is the technically not a layer. It is just the graphite stick inside the wood that is creates verses. The graphite is just normal graphite. There's nothing special about it.


Only Primordial Entities such as The Primordial and THE CREATOR can wield, use and create verses with The Pencil.