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The Perfect Imperium is a overrealmic (beyond all realms) collective of city states residing in the Aleph-Null (Infinity, or 0) Realm. This Realm is the maximum realm reachable by all civilizations other than the True God. Realm Aleph-Null is like the universe in which humanity resides, except much, MUCH larger. The Perfect Imperium is extremely advanced, as all of their architecture is built on The Wheel like entities (TPI actually recognizes the existence of The Wheel, mere first-realm constructs (let the enormity of that last statement sink in), as it is the only construct outside of their own realm that they can see, as The Wheel is only as big as a Planck length to them. According to a text found in The Warped Wheel, Imperials know The Wheel-like entities as “strings”. There are technically bigger structures in other realms, but TPI citizens cannot view them due to the quantum anomalies created when photon-based light particles hit these objects). Therefore, The Perfect Imperium makes some of the largest structures...ever. Citizens of The Perfect Imperium are anatomically just like human beings (Homo Sapiens), but unfathomably larger. It is unknown why those in The Perfect Imperium are modeled after such an insignificant life form is unknown.

Composition of Matter

Imperial citizens, as stated prior, are utterly gargantuan. There are approximately 10^40 of the aforementioned “strings” in a single citizen; all of those wheels, all of those supremums, all of those boxes and all of those barrels. Untold numbers of these entities make up the basic constituents of an Imperial citizen. Since Wheels themselves are so inanely large that they transcend what is infinite and finite, raising their number by a power of forty will push the boundaries of numbers themselves. And these strings aren’t necessarily jam-packed, either. Given the astounding size of the dimension they reside in, entire realms can exist in between these strings. This is how all things in the 0 realm are comprised. However, the gravity of the 0 realm is very strong, being around G(TREE(3))x bigger than that of a neutron star.

Gravitational Importance

This is due to the huge innate masses of The Wheel and the gravitational pulls they have. It is that pull that keeps Imperial citizens together; without it, they would dissolve into realmic remnants. Stray Wheels, entire realms and all sorts of -verses would be scattered out throughout the 0 Realm, given that the negation of the gravity would forcefully eject a nigh-infinite amount of wheel-stuff due to the rapid depressurizing of local areas of the strings. These -verses would be doomed to wander for all eternity, since there is only a 1/10^10^10^10^10^10^56 chance of any ejected Wheel constituent being influenced by a supremum, provided that it quantum tunnels into a supremum at exactly the right moment. See the 0 Realm page for more information.


Although it seems like Imperial citizens are at scarcity-level technological achievement, this could not be further from the truth. Imperial citizens frequently drain the power of countless Wheels every day and this energy, dubbed ∞, is used for anything from heating entire Wheel’s worth of matter to extreme temperatures (lightbulbs) to sending data to other citizens by abusing quantum hyper-tunneling of data. This energy is the only theoretical way to breach the 0 realm, but this is unproven science and it is only referenced in a few Imperial texts. The Imperials call this theoretical technology an “Alcubierre Drive”.