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The Pizza Factory is a little bit more complex than Pizza Hut, because the Pizza Factory is divided into many sections, The Population, The Extra pizzerias, and the pizza slaves.

Pizza Hut

The First Part of this verse we are going to review, is The Pizza Hut corporation. The Pizza Factory contains hundreds of millions of Pizza Huts, and its the most successful part of every Pizza Factory there. Its one of the many types of Pizza Producing Businesses in these Pizza Factories. Pizza Huts logo “we appreciate you”

Little Caesar’s

(credit to oofandfoo) Little Caesar’s is another part of The Pizza Factory, each one of these companies produce about a trillion pizzas per second. Little Caesar’s focuses more on the toppings than the pizza itself, its most popular toppings are - XL cheese, ugly cheese, No Cheese at All. I won’t make a page about little caesars because waste of time. Little Caesar’s Logo “If you don’t like Cheese you will be Squeezed”

Dominos Pizza

Another Part, this is pretty much the exact same thing as every other pizzeria here, but it’s unique in its own way, because this type of pizzeria is served specifically only for dominoes, whats also interesting is that this pizzeria serves DOMINOES as a topping for the pizza. New Pizza Factories that were constructed don’t have the Dominos Pizza shop because law enforcement is trying to resolve the cannibalism case, it is suspected that the way Dominos Pizza gets their dominoes toppings are by KILLING dominoes, it is likely that the dominos company will be shut down or get a complete menu change. Dominos Pizzas Logo “REDACTED”

Papa John’s Pizzeria

Many Gods argue which type of pizza is better, Pizza Huts or Papá John’s Pizzeria, this debate over which is better is the one that caused the great war of pizzerias (1903 - 1907) Those were the dark and depressing ages of the world. To the point of this, Papa John’s Pizzeria is more productive because it makes 1 Octovigintillion Pizzas per second, WHICH still isn’t even enough to feed an entire Gigaverse. Papa Johns Pizzeria Logo “Dont”


There are hundreds of Pizzaverses in each Pizza Factory, but why so little? Each Pizzaverse can contain a maximum of One Uncentillion. These types of Pizzaverse are different than the Others, instead of waiting for people to pick it up, the Pizzaverse teleports it to the house of the person that ordered it, very useful right? But Pizzaverses were exploitable by changing where to make the pizza teleport, Jim John Un discovered this exploit and was later caught after The Pizza Reviewer Got confused by why millions Of pizzas were delivered to Jim John Un.

The Second Half

Now let’s talk about the second half, the population, and the endless question of how these pizzerias are created.

The Population -

Now This part of the Pizza Factories is very useful, every Pizza Factory contains 1,000,000 Universes so the pizzeria workers don’t have to spend 4 hours driving back and forth. barely anyone moves in these universes, 90% of people that do are either robots or machines, and yes this part is not that long.

The Creation of these Pizzerias

This is currently the final part of the pizza factory, the part of the creation of these pizzerias, god bless peoples souls for how hard they work to make these pizzerias. This is the dark side of each Pizza Factory, slaves.

Slaves -

Slaves are used to create these pizzerias, many people don’t know how the slave cities look like.. but people say they look like abandoned cities. Many escaped slaves say that it was horrible, and fun in someway. nobody knows why, people say that PIZZA MAN was the one who made this way of making these pizzerias, but they are wrong, the man behind the slavery is - Jimmy Pizza John. Jimmy JP is currently in jail, but every Pizza Factory still have slaves.

Other -

other than that, these slaves are good at their job, and if they did a good job they get rewarded with pizza. It takes 1 million slaves to create a Pizza Hut, and about 2 weeks if all of them are working together. about 1 billion of each pizzerias are created each year, which is technically the reason why people didn’t make riots to stop the pizza slaves.


An average Pizza Factory creates 10^888 Pizzas Per second, and still not even enough to feed the starving population of an omniverse. and there are like 15,000,000,000 pizzerias in each pizza factory.

The Most popular Pizza Factory - jimmy’s Pizza Factory, has 1 trillion pizzerias and gets visited by 10 centillions people each year.

To give an insight of what the Pizza company does - idk, I haven’t planned it yet, but it will be able to create Pizza Factories.

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