The Point of No Return


The Point of No Return is, as the name implies, the point of no return. No entity has followed the process to travel to the Point of No Return, so its abilities remain a mystery. The Point of No Return is more inaccessible that the Inaccessibleverse itself.

How is the Point of No Return accessed?

By following the steps of reaching the Inaccessibleverse and reaching the "edge" of superreality by luck through escaping a reality cluster, we can reach the location that we also travel to the Point of No Return, which abuses using the ability to glitch at the "edge." However, with an exact arrangement of every uqraek fiber inside of your form, the glitching of your form can start to "lag" due to the arrangement of all of your fibers. This allows all uqraek fiber in your form to travel across all of time without killing you. If every uqraek fiber travels to the Inaccessibleverse, then this was done successfully, and if all of these uqraek fibers do not travel to the Inaccessibleverse, all verses beneath it will go into a "crash" state. By having all uqraek fibers in the Inaccessibleverse, you travel through all of time. After all of the fibers have finished travel into the Inaccessibleverse, you have to wait for all of the fibers to combine with each other in the form resembling your past form, your form will be compact, however, due to reality be almost entirely broken. After all fibers have combined, broken reality in the Inaccessibleverse allows you to exist in a forms of time, meaning that you have fibers from the past, present, and future. After all of your uqraek fibers have reformed, its new compactness and all coming from different times allows you to break reality and time, meaning that everything breaks, By finding the "edge" of the Inaccessibleverse after a almost infinite period of time, you skip the Distant Reality, due to reality being broken, and instantly travel into the Point of No Return.

What happens in the Point of No Return and why should I go?

Not much happens in the Point of No Return. Even though having Inaccessibleverses and other verses inside of it, it is so extremely large that is is possible that nothing could reach these verses, even in an infinite amount of time. In terms of going, you should only go if you want to find how to get to verses beyond the Point of No Return. Nothing exactly happens inside of the Point of No Return.

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