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This hierarchy is for editors who want to create pages of the tiniest things. It starts from the String to the tiniest object possible.

NOTICE: This hierarchy is in reverse order of The Official Hierarchy; in other words, objects contain the next object on the hierarchy, so objects get smaller as you go.

∅ Protoclass (0) ∅

Class 0 has multiple objects that we can see and easily understand the size of, as well as much smaller objects that contain negative and imaginary sizes.

Traditional objects


Verseuni Chain

The Verseuni, the biggest negative-sized verse

Heck Chain

Absolutely tiny particles

These objects are smaller counterparts of class 0 objects, following with some fundamental objects that you haven't seen them before.

Null class (-1) ⎊

Once we get to Class -1, the concept of size begins to break down. Eventually even the number of properties particles have reach 0 and even negative levels.

Some concepts in Class -1 can be hard to understand, so a simplified explanation can be found here.

Primordial Realities

Absolutely tinier particles

These low-class particles continue the chain of absolutely tiny particles, starting from Thingk.

Sub-Xial Class (-2) ☁

"Abstract dimensions, a strange blend of mathematics and objects. Particles embodying mathematical concepts, are a common sight here."

The above quote is a good explanation for how the Sub-Xial class begins, due to the fusion of mathematics with particles.

Mathematical Objects



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