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This hierarchy is for editors who want to create pages of the tiniest things. It starts from just below our Universe and ends at the tiniest objects on the wiki.

NOTICE: This hierarchy is in reverse order of The Official Hierarchy; in other words, objects contain the next object on the hierarchy, so objects get smaller as the page progresses. Note: the hierarchy is not linear; it branches off into different paths.

∅ Protoclass (0) ∅

Class 0 has multiple objects that we can see and easily understand the size of, as well as much smaller objects that contain negative and imaginary sizes.

Traditional objects


Verseuni Chain

Null class (-1) ⎊

Once we get to the Null Class, the concept of size begins to break down. Eventually even the number of properties particles have reach 0 and even negative levels.

Heck Chain

Absolutely tiny particles

These objects are smaller counterparts of class 0 objects, following with some fundamental objects that you haven't seen them before.

Some concepts in here from now on can be hard to understand, so a simplified explanation can be found here.

Primordial Realities

Absolutely tinier particles

These low-class particles continue the chain of absolutely tiny particles, starting from Thingk.

Sub-Xial Class (-2) ☁

"Abstract dimensions, a strange blend of mathematics and objects. Particles embodying mathematical concepts--are a common sight here."

The above quote is a good explanation for how the Sub-Xial class begins, due to the fusion of mathematics with particles. Manifestations of abstract objects can be found here, and objects themselves become abstract as you go smaller and smaller.

A simplified explanation can be found here.

Mathematical Objects and Axions


First Nonexistent

Because this chain has so many particles, the minority is only shown. You can see the expanded list here.


These...objects? are below concepts, but are still concepts... but the idea that they are below concepts overrides the fact that they are concepts, so they defy logic. They are also well below particles that can follow logic, since they are somehow smaller than logic itself. Very weird. They are also some of the first we we have discovered to be less than Nothing. Which we thought was impossible until an extremely light-sensitive device somehow managed to see them. Despite them being literally less than nothing.


These particles shouldn't be classified as traditional particles at all. They already defy its logic by then.

  • Ijitium
  • Opulum


  1. (Least Restricted Definition is A Thing that contains the most stuff, but it tries to be the thing with the least stuff. This Basically Means that the LDR Nothing contains the most things of any Nothing Variant.)

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