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The Primordial (or 'Bood-Jav-Vav' in Puffish), is the essence of the Primordialverse, its 'soul', if you will. This divine God of "Everything" is the creator of THE 8 DIVINE GODS, which each are embodiment of a key aspect of reality: LIGHT, DARK, CREATION, DESTRUCTION, CHAOS, ORDER, SIGHT, and JUDGEMENT.

Purely made of "Primordium Delta", the most potent, powerful and strong substance that can or could exist in the cosmos, he has total control over the Primordialverse and can see everything from every possible and impossible timeline, so he basically just sees the entirety of The Box as his vision for all eternity.

The form that we see of him is a cartoonish looking set of eyes, a mouth and hands, all floating miraculously. It has been determined that hi shown form is somehow made of a mixture of Alpha and Omega, so is HIS HOME, how he has been able to do this without becoming impossibly unstable is beyond our comprehension.

He does not have any evil intentions, however is not exactly a god of 'peace'. His moral alignment would definitely be Chaotic Neutral. He can and will ERASE* any who dare oppose him. He is stronger than even Bongus, and other gods of Bongus's rank. (*ERASING meaning to disassemble their Blueprint Particles)

He is also the origin of the species name 'Primordial Entity' As he was the first one of that type to be discovered, this is he is the closest to most civilisation, as not many mortal level life beings exist outside The Eraser, and the Omniverse is one of the main 3 realities orbiting the Metareality Core.