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The Purposeverses are a pair of verses. One of the verses only contains things which have no purpose (with a few exceptions), and the other one only contains things which have a pupose.


The Yespurposeverse is a verse where everything inside of it has no purpose.

If a thing with a purpose ends up in the Yespurposeverse, they will get sent to the Nonpurposeverse. There are 3 entities which do this, who are named Xasweebg, Oferg, and Lxdeef. As they have a purpose (which is to remove things which have a purpose inside the Yespurposeverse), they never go inside the Yespurposeverse and instead move the things from the outside. This can be very challenging for them at times, both due to how they have to telepathically move objects and how deciding if something has a purpose is hard, as the definition is very arbitrary at times.

However, a few things with a purpose are still kept, as to stop the Yespurposeverse from becoming a void, such as the Reality Particles which make up the Purposeverse.

Trying to do things in the Yespurposeverse or reach a goal is absolutely impossible as you are doing it with a purpose in mind, in which you will be removed from the verse.


The Nonpurposeverse is where the things with a purpose in the Purposeverse go to.

If a thing with no purpose goes into the Nonpurposeverse, they will just be sent back to the Yespurposeverse. Unlike the Yespurposeverse, there is only 1 entity which does this, named Hqogf. Hqogf does not enjoy its job at all, and has taken very long breaks at times, in which many objects with no purpose went into the Purposeverse. This has put a large workload on Hqogf, and due to its habit of procrastinating, it never does its work, with the entities managing the Yespurposeverse having to come over to the Nonpurposeverse to clean up the giant mess.

A depiction of Xasweebg, Lferg, and Lxdeef. The image is not what they actually look like.