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The Real True Actual End is a sentient Thinverse which has depression, anger issues, and is extremely narcissistic. It frequently declares itself the "biggest, best, and most important verse ever".


The Real True Actual End has a very void-like interior, with only 6 stars and even less planets. These stars are all at the end of their lives, and will most likely cease to exist later. The planets are also very small, with all of them being rogue planets. The Real True Actual End has tried to stuff all sorts of random objects and verses inside it to try to make it "bigger", to no avail.

Attempts to become the largest verse ever

The Real True Actual End has spent a lot of its time trying to make itself the largest verse, in order to appear more "competent". It rarely succeeds, and even when it did, it barely got anything inside of it.

Attempt 1

The Real True Final End first tried to make itself the largest verse all the way back in -15 OYC. It tried to swallow a Universe. This Universe, however, was over 150x bigger than The Real True Actual End, and the entire plan backfired. The Real True Actual End instead developed huge rips over its outer shell, which led a lot of its material to spill out into the Multiverse, making The Real True Actual End lose a lot of its contents.

Attempt 2

The Real True Final End would attempt to reach its impossible goal only 5 Earth days later even though its scars from the previous attempt hadn't fully healed. This time, it tried to swallow a cosmic entity. This cosmic entity fought back and severely hurt The Real True Actual End. Even more of its material spilled out, leaving only a few million galaxies inside of itself.

Attempt 3

The Real True Final End, after contemplating its decisions, tried to swallow a smaller verse in 137 OYC. However, The Real True Actual End overestimated its chances, and tried to slam into the verse it was trying to swallow to "make it easier to eat". Instead, a huge explosion occurred which destroyed the smaller verse and opened up another huge hole in The Real True Actual End's outer shell, which just made more and more material fall out. After this failed attempt at growing bigger, The Real True Actual End had lost over 99.999231% of its contents, leaving only about 3,000 galaxies.

Attempt 4 ~ 14,539

The Real True Actual End entered a state of depression after. It refused to do anything except mope around and try to grow bigger, and tried time after time again to swallow more verses. Each of these times, The Real True Actual End lost more and more of its contents, leaving it with what it is today: a void-like verse with almost nothing in it.