The Reality Tree

The reality tree is a huge hypersized tree that controls existence. It starts off with the main trunk, representing the reality bubble, then it has possibly infinite branches representing the smaller verses directly contained by the reality bubble, those branches can hold another infinite branches that represent smaller verses that are contained directly by the branch that holds it, going on a possibly infinite amount of times till it finally reaches a verse containing nothing, in which that verse's branch doesn't hold any other branches. When a new verse is created, a new branch grows connected to the container's branch. When a verse leaves another, the leaving verse's branch breaks off and if that leaving verse still exists, a new branch will grow connected to it's new container's branch. A Guardian of Reality guards the tree of reality so no entities can use it to mass destroy verses. If a reality seed is planted on the surface of a reality bubble that doesn't have one, it can then sustain existence of verses.

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