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The Redirection is a verse that exists outside of the Omega Spiral. If you try to enter it through normal means, use Glitchonicite, or try to enter it through wormholes,

you will glitch out of reality, have your existence state changed to a random amount, and get sent back to the place you came from. That has made studying The Redirection very hard, and almost no information is known about it.

Observed Effects

Since there is no proper way of going inside The Redirection, scientists have to use observe its effects from within the Omega Spiral. They have figured out the approximate dimensions using the curvature of litt, and have a range of values for the temperature of The Redirection. However, they have no idea what the Kardashev Scale of the life in The Redirection is, since there is no proper way to see or contact them.

Further analysis showed that life did indeed exist inside of The Redirection, and were possibly more advanced than any life in the Omega Spiral.

Theories to the "redirection" effect

There have been many theories proposed to why The Redirection has its "redirecting" property. So far no theory has explained the effect throughly and completely. Here are a few theories.

  1. The Redirection, just like The Error, got corrupted with huge amounts of Glitchonicite, causing it to gain strange properties. This theory is a widely-held one, but it doesn't explain how there is still life. Usually, Glitchonicite, when corrupting a verse, will consume everything in the verse and kill all the life; however this is not the case here.
  2. The Redirection has trillions of wormholes surrounding it, being created by the life inside The Redirection to block out all outside creatures and verses. This theory makes a little more sense, but if this is the case, no one has an explanation for why the creatures wanted to block out all outside verses and creatures.
  3. This effect just happened randomly when The Redirection was still a young and chaotic verse. This theory has been rejected by many since it is just another "why not?" type of theory.