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The Ripoff is a huge verse intended to create verses which copy other verses almost completely and confuse many creatures. The Ripoff is still being used to this day and has been used to copy many verses.

The Ripoff also has a category page for verses which used it.


The Ripoff was first built in 792 OYC, when space pirates in Isolation threatened to destroy the inner verses. The Ripoff was created to almost completely mimic other verses to confuse the pirates, thus causing chaos among themselves.

However, after the threat of space pirates was gone, the Ripoff has been used for many other malicious purposes, such as creating fake verses that look like something else but actually lead into a never-ending void.

How it works

The Ripoff, when first built, was connected to two things: the Glitch Core and the Energyverse.

The Glitch Core's job was to be the generator of all the properties, attributes, appearances and content of each fake verse that The Ripoff would get turned into, and the Energyverse's job was to supply energy for the whole operation.

Notable times that it has been used

The Ripoff has been used many times, sometimes creating extremely confusing instances, such as The Random Hallway Incident, one of the most famous times this verse has been used.

Copying Nvgngyu

The Ripoff has been used at least 4 times in copying Nvgngyu, from Ccxpf, an undeniable copy, to Hwragnapki, a more controversial one that has yet to be resolved.


Ccxpf was first created by a Transcendent Omni-God named ICantEdit using the Ripoff, and was already famous for creating things like The Far and the Energyverse. However, this time, the cosmic savior YellowMarkers (same person who terminated The Spamverses) disapproved of Ccxpf, saying that it was "a bootleg of Nvgngyu." ICantEdit secretly thought that Ccxpf was not a ripoff. However, he decided to just agree with YellowMarkers1.


Hwagnapki was a sentient entity partially created using The Ripoff by another Transcendent Omni-God, TrevorTheEditor. This entity used "Moravillies" to express emotion, and was a very nice entity indeed. However, YellowMarkers1 again disproved (not really) of Hwragnapki and put it in the "category" of "ideas stolen from other users." TrevorTheEditor did say that "there are many more worse copies of Nvgngyu."

Copying The random hallways

There is only one known copy of The random hallways, and that is the absolutely horrendous creation called The Random Hallway, by Rwa45r, a Transcendent Omni-God that somehow liked to create an unusual amount of "links", which are tunnels that connect verses on a higher reality. The Random Hallway has long since been terminated by YellowMarkers1, and has been called by many (mostly ICantEdit) a "complete and total ripoff".

Copying the Gigaverse, Megaverse, and Teraverse

Gigaverse.!, Megaverse.!, and Teraverse.! were verses created with The Ripoff by a Transcendent Omni-God named "Eddie Woodbase". These verses, just like The Random Hallway, were terminated as well. This time, it was mostly ICantEdit that did it.

Copying Time, Reality, and... The Other Thing

This shouldn't really be considered a "ripoff", since it has quite a different title. However, this verse was really horrendous. It has forever been known as the Endless rings of existance that are always like Time, Reality, and... The Other Thing. This verse was created by Rwa45r as well.

Copying Kentoverse

A user named "Mee1234" created the Kemtoverse, a verse ridiculously similar to the Kentoverse. ICantEdit deleted it shortly after due to it being considered spam by the tiny graphite brain of his.

Copying The Fried Egg

Mee1234, even after being warned 2 times, kept making ripoff pages. One of the most blatant ones was The Meta Egg. The majority of its content was directly copied from The Fried Egg, and it was so overboard that it got its own category saying how much of a ripoff it was.

Copying The Store

BestNoobReborn, created The Supply Store using the ripoff, and is pretty similar to The Store. The Supply Store's difference was that it sold supplies for becoming the ruler of a verse.

Copying Thegatus

ICantEdit created a page called the Organismverse that is now widely considered to be a Thegatus ripoff. The Organismverse had the same article structure, with the structure coming first and then the creatures. ICantEdit now hates this page.

Copying The Ripoff

Yes, a page ripped off The Ripoff. A Transcendent Omni-God named Chalkosis created The Knockoff, a page which pretty much copied the first part of The Ripoff with slight word changes.

Copying Bob

Many pages have copied Bob, and have followed the exact same format as it. They include Robert, Harry, and XefnoZ.

Copying Cosmicialverse

See Cosmicialverse#Cosmicialverse Ripoffs.