The Rock


The Rock is a really big structure that has a INCREDIBLY big dimensionality beacuse it breaks many laws and contains many things. It is incredibly easy to go here because you can take The Rocks Way at the edge of the Multiverse to get here. The reason there is so many things in it because it has barely any blank space in it. You won’t find any voids in here. All the plants are actually a bunch of Greenholeverses. A WHOLE lot of them. Sometimes there are small droplet-sized bits of water on the rock. These are infinite collections of Waterfalls

All of the salt you see at the bottom is a bunch of Lightverses that are extremely bright. The gray stuff is just the Rock itself. If you look closely you might see some edges. Those are part of Vastness. The edges are made of Lightnn, the 300th element. The Rock is made out of Grayumm, the 1649th element. The Rock isn’t very stable but there is life on it. A species called The Ultimas live on it.

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