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The Room is the container of The Table. The Room contains many other huge objects, such as The Chair, The Vase, The Computer, and many more objects. The room appears to be entirely coated in a white coating. This coating has been known to reflect 100% light and heat. The ceiling has 8 bright lights. These lights give the entire Room a white look. The walls, ceiling, and floor of The Room are made up of an unknown substance. The substance seems to be extremely durable and tough, the floor having even survived a big dose of toxicium from a lone The Blue Void accidentally slipping from The Table and hitting the

floor. The toxicium did absolutely nothing, not even a stain was present. Again, it is unknown who built The Room or any of the other massive objects in it. The Room is way bigger than Bongus's power boundaries, however Primordial Entities such as The Primordial and THE CREATOR can escape if they wish, but all decide not to.

The only living thing not found on The Table or The Chair in The Room is the Shadow. The creature lives under The Table and has been fond of eating it. No one knows why it does that. The Door With A Door Handle is the only way out of The Room.

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