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The Second Realm is a very mysterious place. Many parts of it are abstract concepts. (Such as The Generic Hierarchies) The places that aren't abstract concepts are usually very broken, with many paradoxes.

Many beings within the second realm are extremely powerful. Most of them don't have interpretable biology, or behavior.

[How Realms Work]

Realms can be seen as a sort of "dimension". Each realm loosens restrictions on dimensionality, allowing things like these.

Due to space-time governing many laws and axioms, each Realm is increasingly more chaotic, (Until Aleph-null, then it starts to form more alien laws.)

Each realm is divided into Realmly Planes. These are contained by the realm itself, and are usually very big. These are similar to dimensional planes, but instead of being part of a spatial dimension, they're a part of space-time itself.