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The Seeker is an mysterious entity that can not contained by any barriers or verses (with an exception being The Isolation). It exists outside of everything. It does not often interact, and waits more than anything else. Every 10 OYC, it will instantly destroy a verse or cosmic entity. The verse/cosmic entity will be gone permanently, and can not be recovered.

The Seeker has also been known to instantly destroy extremely powerful Omni-Gods, some not killed before. One of its victims was Uywihug. It is also capable of traveling to the Second Realm as well.

StickFigure78 could obliterate this bitch infinitely easily - StickFigure78

The Seeker is not able to terminate any Ascendent Omni-God.

The only parts about The Seeker that are sufficiently understood are voids it made, leftovers of obliterated verses. These voids from destroyed verses can't be destroyed or changed, and will be a void permanently. If anything enters these voids, they will glitch to Thingk. Thingk can not be escaped from.

It is unknown what The Seeker looks like, or what it is. The picture shows one assumed impression of The Seeker.

The Seeker can move through verses completely undetected, and no current technology can detect The Seeker.

Intelligent civilizations assume "breaking The Seeker," where they would lure The Seeker to a glitched location, causing it to glitch. However, The Seeker is seen as a glitch, so this may be ineffective.

The Seeker is only incapable of destroying two verses, Nvgngyu and Unaniversius (Anianimatiuns, Hwragnapki). The Seeker has attempted to destroy both, but Nvgngyu uses its sentience to avoid The Seeker's destruction, and can not kill the Anianimatiuns (Hwragnapki) due to the having a different form of materials used in their verse, alongside also having sentience.

Seekrophobia is a phobia given to entities that fear destruction from The Seeker, and Seekmares are nightmares including the Seeker. Many entities have trouble with Seekrophobia, and some will die in sleep during Seekmares. Seekmares are also speculated to strengthen The Seeker itself, with evidence of pre-planning the destruction of several verses with civilizations that have a huge issue with Seekrophobia.

If you want to enter The Seeker's voids, click here.