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The Space is a space of Honeycombs. It contains the Interversal Structure Flower, a flower which rains down structural nutrients for -verses, including the wax. These nutrients are generated from energy from the Ultimate SUN.


The Space is even more strict about order than the Infinite Infinity is. It has the rules that the Infinity Infinity has, and more. Other than the local Infinite Infinity, nothing that isn't a crystal or a singular atom is allowed. If atoms dont have perfectly filled electron shells, then electrons will appear out of nowhere in the spots they are needed. This makes it really hard to form molecules in The Space. However, using omegaproton rays, which destroy electrons that they come into contact with, you can hit a targeted range of atoms, and as the electrons respawn, bonds will form. If it is a place where atoms aren't very densely packed, then extrememovion rays can be used to get the atoms to move way faster, allowing bonds to form more easily.

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