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The Spaghetti Bridge is so "disorderly" that it can't be considered a verse. The bridges can also seemingly phase through matter with no problems.

These bridges are very long, but are handicapped by the fact that they can't go into the The Inaccessibleverse

Here are the layers:

Layer 1

This is the surface layer. It is the size of a Megaverse. It contains broken spacetime that accelerates forces a lot (multiplies forces by 17 doedecillion in one second.)  Starting with enough speed to escape The Box, you could escape a Cetaverse in less than 1 second using this layer. You could also escape a Mandelbrotverse starting with enough speed to escape The Box . This could take from a little over a second to a little over two seconds. However, once you escape the Mandelbrotverse with these speeds, random things inside of you get teleported to Layer 2 of the bridge, until you vanish.

Layer 2

This layer is the explanation for why random things teleport if you escape the Mandelbrotverse using the Spaghetti Bridge. This part is broken enough to attach to any object that touches it. When this touches the Void Plane outside of the Mandelbrotverse, it glitches out of existance. After that, another part of Layer 2 takes the place of the part that was destroyed, causing the attached thing to teleport to the new piece.

Layer 3


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